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frequently asked questions..

mat jarvis = gas and high skies
evil free
all music is copy protection free / drm free.
you can play mp3s on any computer, mp3 player or ipod. you can play flacs on any computer, but only some mp3 players.
the music is still under copyright though
        electronic music        
flac files are lossless, and so therefore are the best sound quality you can achieve. flac is CD quality and flac 24 bit is better than CD quality.
all mp3s are encoded using the renowned lame encoder using the high-quality 'v2-vbr-new' switch. the 320k hi-fi version uses the 'b320 preset insane' switch, the absolute maximum quality for an mp3. lame is widely acknowledged for providing the highest quality mp3s possible.
        what's in the booklet?      
exclusive to the microscopics shop, the album includes a booklet of images, words and hi-quality scans from the original artwork, press releases and documents. it also includes a postcard, bookmark, and an ultra rare 'time recording guide to particle physics' by chris allen.
artwork and tags
the music has embedded album artwork and all labels and tags completed.
gas 0095 - 170mb mp3
gas 0095 - 370mb flac
gas 0095 - 730mb flac24
thank you for supporting us. sales from this album help us release the next...
        please note: preview files are low quality versions        
how do I download?
we send you an immediate email with links to download the music. you have 2 days and 3 attempts to download. if you have any problems then please contact us here
what if my currency isn't one of the options?
that's okay, just select any currency and paypal will convert to your native currency
but I don't have a paypal account.
that's okay, just pay by credit or debit card instead
can I help spread the word?
sure can. indie labels always need more help. there are a few suggestions here... spread the word
        join us on myspace
        10% of all profits go to charity        
contact us here about licensing, interesting projects, interviews, press pack, written or seen a good review...

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