High Skies – The Earth at Night – video

High Skies – The Earth at Night
The shimmering lights of Earth on an ordinary night, as seen from space.
Also available in 3D viewing mode.
Images by Worldwide Telescope / NASA

High Skies – Sounds of Earth is now available in Flac format for the first time from our new shop…

We’ve just completed videos for all the tracks on the ‘High Skies – Sounds of Earth’ release, next week will be the final in the series, the title track, Sounds of Earth.

1 Au Début du Voyage
2 The Shape of Things to Come
3 Voyage en Argent
4 Forecast Fire
5 The Earth at Night
6 Sounds of Earth (next week)

Worldwide Telescope: Free Music from Mat Jarvis and Robert Fripp

wwtWe are pleased to announce that we have supplied music (four tracks), along with Robert Fripp (King Crimson, Eno, Sylvian – ten new tracks), free for download for anyone to add to their own Worldwide Telescope space tours.

Here is the track listing…
Mat Jarvis
Gas – Earthloop
Gas – Earthloop (explorer mix)
Gas – Microscopic
Gas – Pixels
High Skies – The Shape of Things to Come

gas0095_s1Gas tracks are from Gas 0095
sounds_of_earth_sHigh Skies track is from the Osmos Soundtrack and the forthcoming Sounds of Earth EP

Robert Fripp
Vista Opening

Visit Worldwide Telescope to download tracks

It’s as easy as click and drag to create your own tour with music.

Worldwide Telescope is a free virtual telescope holding all the images of the universe from Hubble and Spitzer etc, stitched together into a seamless view ready to explore. You can view tours of our solar system and universe or create your own.

Also note that Worldwide Telescope has just been updated to v2.5 (Aphelion)
Mac users can view the WWT browser version, which has also been updated.

Visit Worldwide Telescope (just announced as one of  Time.com’s best 50 websites) and whilst you’re there you can also warp around the universe with our Gas and High Skies WWT tours.

Gas and High Skies Tours Added to Worldwide Telescope

We’re pleased to tell you that wwttwo Gas and High Skies tours have been added to Worldwide Telescope. WWT is a virtual telescope that allows you to explore the universe through the lens of Hubble, Spitzer and others, without leaving your computer.

Universal Beauty
A tour of the beautiful. Music is Gas – Microscopic. You can download the tour here (which will open WWT and play automatically once its downloaded. 5mb), or you can find it from within WWT at…
Guided Tours>Galaxies>Universal Beauty.
Universal Beauty has already become the top rated galaxies tour!

V838 Light Echo
An animation of the supernova of Monocerotis V838 using time-lapse Hubble images taken over four years, to the music of High Skies – The Shape of Things to Come. Note that it’s not the dust cloud that is moving, it’s the light from the supernova expanding and lighting the dust cloud as the it travels through it – a light echo. We recommend letting it play through once to cache all the images.
You can download it here (3mb), or find it from within WWT at…
Guided Tours>Supernova>V838 Light Echo.

Both are free downloads.
Feel free to rate them :-)

Whoever said ‘In space no one can hear you stream electronic music’?

 *requires an installed copy of Worldwide Telescope, which is a small and free download from worldwidetelescope.org.

NOTE: PC and Bootcamp version only.
There is currently a bug in the alpha code of the WWT web client that makes the five minute Universal Beauty tour turn into a seventeen minute full length feature film, and the rapid HD animation of the V838 tour becomes a little  too flickery currently, but stay tuned.


Worldwide Telescope, now with more Mac

wwtWorldwide Telescope has just been updated with a browser version, so now everyone can gaze at the heavens with telescopic detail. It’s not as smooth when zooming and scrolling as the installed program, so I would still recommend installing the full version if you can, but it does have most of the features of the full version. I think it’s amazing that you can even run WWT in a browser. Highly recommended.

Zoom on a point –  double-click mouse
Zoom in/out –  mouse wheel
Scroll around –  click and drag mouse
Info –  hover mouse over object
Finder Scope  –  Shift and click on object
Rotate View –  Command/ Control + click and drag mouse horizontally

Visit Worldwide Telescope and click on the web client to explore…

Gas & High Skies tours added to Worldwide Telescope