High Skies – The Shape of Things to Come – video

High Skies – The Shape of Things to Come
Main aurelia aurita footage by Randy Perry.

We’ve just completed videos for all the tracks on the ‘High Skies – Sounds of Earth’ release and will be posting a new video every week.

1 Au Début du Voyage
2 The Shape of Things to Come
3 Voyage en Argent (next week)
4 …

High Skies – Au Début du Voyage – video

High Skies – Au Début du Voyage.
Using actual moon flyover footage created by JAXA (used by kind permission)
We’ve just completed videos for all the tracks on the ‘High Skies – Sounds of Earth’ release and will be posting a new video every Monday.

1 Au Début du Voyage
2 The Shape of Things to Come (coming next Monday)
3 …

Osmos iPhone!

Want Osmos on your iPhone/ iPod Touch?

Osmos for iPhone in the App StoreUPDATE: Osmos iPhone and Osmos iPad (No1 in App Store!) have been released. Both are Apple’s App of the Week! Visit Osmos in the App Store…


Mark your calendar. I can confirm that Hemisphere Games are hard at work on bringing Osmos to the iPhone, and should be with us in around eight weeks or so.

It almost seems like the perfect game for the iPhone/ iPad.

100% – “… a beautifully put together game. The game is simple, stylish, clean and addictive to play”  Zak @ indiegamemag.com

Features music by Gas and High SkiesContinue reading Osmos iPhone!

Osmos Released: Free Copies to Give Away

Osmos, the amazing and addictive ambient game with ambient soundtrack, has been released and we have three free copies to give away.
Just add a comment to this post below, and we’ll use our atmospheric-noise derived, random number generator to draw three winners on Monday 24th Aug. Easy.

High Skies – The Shape of Things to Come, from the Osmos soundtrack has been released on the ‘Sounds of Earth‘ EP (on Microscopics), and the track ‘The Shape of Things to Come’ is a free download.

Trailer soundtrack: Gas & High Skies

The full game has 47 levels and features music from Gas, High Skies, Biosphere, Julien Neto, Loscil and others.

$10 from Hemisphere Games direct (Mac plus PC versions together)
$10 from Steam
$10 from Direct2Disc, plus gift Osmos to a friend for $1

A demo is also available if you’d like to try first.


WinXP/ Vista and Mac.
Buying direct from Hemisphere Games includes Mac & PC versions, plus the Linux version when it’s released.

gas0095_s1Gas – Discovery is available on the Gas 0095 album

sounds_of_earth_sHigh Skies – The Shape of Things to Come will soon be released 
on the High Skies – Sounds of Earth EP


“beyond doubt, a work of genius… a relaxing, meditative experience, about going with the flow… very ethereal feel to the design… It all adds up to something otherworldly and just . . . incredible.”  read more at GameAndPlayer.net

“wonderful gameplay… beautifully polished and tantalisingly atmospheric… Osmos mixes puzzle, action and strategy remarkably and all the while does it with great finesse and style.”  read more at Indiegames.com

Beware of other lifeforms…

Gas and High Skies Tours Added to Worldwide Telescope

We’re pleased to tell you that wwttwo Gas and High Skies tours have been added to Worldwide Telescope. WWT is a virtual telescope that allows you to explore the universe through the lens of Hubble, Spitzer and others, without leaving your computer.

Universal Beauty
A tour of the beautiful. Music is Gas – Microscopic. You can download the tour here (which will open WWT and play automatically once its downloaded. 5mb), or you can find it from within WWT at…
Guided Tours>Galaxies>Universal Beauty.
Universal Beauty has already become the top rated galaxies tour!

V838 Light Echo
An animation of the supernova of Monocerotis V838 using time-lapse Hubble images taken over four years, to the music of High Skies – The Shape of Things to Come. Note that it’s not the dust cloud that is moving, it’s the light from the supernova expanding and lighting the dust cloud as the it travels through it – a light echo. We recommend letting it play through once to cache all the images.
You can download it here (3mb), or find it from within WWT at…
Guided Tours>Supernova>V838 Light Echo.

Both are free downloads.
Feel free to rate them :-)

Whoever said ‘In space no one can hear you stream electronic music’?

 *requires an installed copy of Worldwide Telescope, which is a small and free download from worldwidetelescope.org.

NOTE: PC and Bootcamp version only.
There is currently a bug in the alpha code of the WWT web client that makes the five minute Universal Beauty tour turn into a seventeen minute full length feature film, and the rapid HD animation of the V838 tour becomes a little  too flickery currently, but stay tuned.