High Skies – The Earth at Night (fan made video)

Tom McBride sent us this super charming video he made for The Earth at Night, from our recent High Skies – Sounds of Earth EP. The video and music work great together; both have a childlike positiveness and are looking ahead to a future where everything is silver.

The way I put music to video is simply find things that fit as opposed to making them fit.

The video sampled was from ‘Way Stations in Space’ (1961), which was an educational film that introduced “the basic scientific principles of using a manned space platform in helping explore the universe.”

I felt that this portion of the film captured a kind-of passive innocence that resonated throughout the three minutes and four seconds of “The Earth at Night”.

At first, I thought the track title and video clashed horribly but then I developed a small storyline to make them mesh. At the beginning the space ship arrives to re-supply and give communiques from Earth that are to be relayed into space. The video then pans to an underground communications facility where the greetings are being relayed, then to people working on the Lunar surface who are maintaining the communications equipment. Finally, the ship leaves right after the last greetings is sent, and then proceeds onto Mars and subsequently the rest of of the universe.

Many thanks Tom!