Gas 0095 CD with free Minimoog

UPDATE: Offer now extended and comes with all copies of Gas 0095 on CD or Flac24

All pre-release orders of the Gas 0095 CD come with a free model Minimoog. The 1/8th scale model is painstakingly modelled on the classic Minimoog model 204D and is pre-cut & scored by hand. We will try to provide them as long as we can, but we can’t promise how long that will be. (offer now extended with a higher quality Minimoog)

Gas 0095 Minimoog

The Minimoog, often seen as one of the best synthesizers of all time and many people’s favourite, was first released in 1971 by Moog Music Inc. It was one of the first to filter the essential modules from the huge room-filling modulars into a portable and affordable instrument. “It took the synthesizer from the studio and into the concert hall”. Famous users include Boards of Canada, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Future Sound of London, Air, Yes, Pink Floyd, Klaus Schulze

Gas 0095 Minimoog rear

Pre-cut and scored by hand with over 50 cuts, it ships flat, and part of the fun is in building it yourself, which should only take about 10-20 minutes with the simple guide (and doesn’t require any further cutting or scoring).

The Minimoog comes free with pre-release orders for the Gas 0095 CD, which also includes the full 320k mp3 version (including booklet and extra goodies), plus free shipping. We will try to provide them for as long as possible, but they are quite time consuming for us to cut and score each by hand, so it may be an idea to order now.

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