New High Skies remix – Furry Phreaks-Soothe

Brand new High Skies remix of the classic Fury Phreaks track, Soothe (feat Terra Deva and Charles Webster)

Only ARP Odyssey, voice and Roland Space Echo.

The video is an animation of all the frequency dynamics in the music, the colours being the intensities of the frequencies. It’s available in 4k resolution if you view in full screen (set your eyes to retina).

Available now on iTunes and Amazon

Charles Webster – The Gift of Freedom (High Skies Remix)

An appropriate post for the 24th July (today), is the High Skies remix of ‘Charles Webster – The Gift of Freedom‘ from his ‘Born on the 24th of July‘ album. Actually it was on the remix album ‘Remixed on the 24th of July‘ as an album of remixes from the album.

Uncoincidentally, today is Charles’ birthday.

I should post a picture of the Arrange page from Logic, I seem to remember using over 300 tracks for the remix. There is an unreleased mix somewhere too, with more of a beat. Vocals by Xan.

Happy birthday Charles!

UPDATE: It would appear that the record company has removed the above video from YouTube. Shame.

Long Lost Gas / High Skies Remix

A long lost Gas / High Skies remix once thought extinct has been found in an old attic. It’s been dusted off and released on the great new Charles Webster 3xCD album.

Lo;Rise – Observer (High Skies mix) (download mp3 preview)

Originally recorded in the late 90s, it’s a dark downtempo remix with lo-fi electronics over an inexorable drum machine, backing the child-like voice of Sara Jay (Massive Attack). Lo;Rise are legendary house DJ Charles Webster (Presence, Furry Phreaks, Symetrix (Emit) etc) and Sara Jay (Massive Attack). Mat has previously worked with Charles and Sara for many years on various projects…

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