Microscopics January Wallpaper

An appropriately snowy scene for this free to download January wallpaper, taken at Microscopics HQ during the recent absolute-zero freeze.

Click to enlarge, then right-click/control-click to download. We’ve included two different ratios, which should fit most monitors. As is usual for WordPress blogs, all rescaled  images are cruelly rendered myopic, but focus will be restored when enlarged/clicked.

Microscopics 2011 January Wallpaper 1600x1200
1600 x 1200

Microscopics 2011 January Wallpaper 1920x1200
1920 x 1200 widescreen


Ice Skies

Earlier this week temperatures approached DX7 territory; so I took a few frostbite pics of the snow and ice outside of Microscopics HQ. Warning for those still living in 2001, some images may take a few seconds to load.

One large WordPress problem is that any image it scales down become very blurred, as below (grr), so please click on images to enlarge and sharpen focus. Also, the first image is 1920 pixels wide so you may have to click the image twice to zoom to 100%…

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Ice and snow on branches
Ice and snow on branches

Hoar frost on a grill
Radiation frost on a grill

 Apple in the snow
Apple in the snow

more pics after the break… Continue reading Ice Skies

Snow Skies

We’re a little snowed in at the moment so I’m afraid that all t-shirts will be delayed for a few days. So many apologies for the extra delay; we’ll get them shipped as soon as we are able.

Here are some photographs I took this morning at Microscopics HQ of the crystal invaders (actual size). Reminds me of our Electron Microscope Snow Zoom post.

Snow Flake

Snow flakes

Snow Crystals



Ice crystals and snow flakes