Osmos: Tips for a Long and Happy Life

Osmos is just like real life; you float around absorbing biophobes, trying to avoid getting pulled into a giant sun; and just like real life, some tips on sub-nuclear physics and orbital mechanics would probably come in very handy. These tips will help you progress from being wonderfully average, to a little better than average.

Osmos is a game by Hemisphere Games for iPad, iPhone, PC, Mac and Linux, and very soon to be Android too. It includes music from us (Gas, High Skies), and Biosphere, Loscil, Julien Neto and others. It is Apple’s iPad game of the year 2010 and the current TUAW iPad game of the year.

One of the best ways to increase your mass and vector in Osmos is to point yourself at a wall and charge.

The (added) arrows show the direction of your path.

On the above image, your ‘mass’ is expelled behind you (lined up under the red arrows) and will increasingly travel in your direction as you gather speed, following you, so that as you are slowed down by Newton’s First Law (by absorbing motes unfortunate enough to be smaller than you), the same motes you expelled earlier will catch you up and be reabsorbed back into your well-fed self. So now you have plumpness with matching residual motion for free, where you can continue on, absorbing motes in your path.

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Osmos wins Apple Design Award 2011

Apple Design AwardAnother woah! for Osmos and Hemisphere; Osmos has won the Apple Design Award 2011!

There were twelve winners, just three in each category of iPhone, Mac, Student and iPad, which was Osmos’ category.

Eddy from Hemisphere attended to pick up his award of Apple hardware and metallic cuboid that glows when you touch it. We look forward to seeing Eddy’s pics!

Osmos included music from Gas and High Skies, and is available on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux.

Visit apple.com to view all the winners…

Osmos: End of Year Awards

What a year Osmos has had! No1 in the iOS App Store and Apple’s iPad Game of the Year(!) as well as the PC/Mac/Linux version selling 250,000 copies in a week in the Humble Indie Bundle just before Christmas.

Steve Jobs relaxing with Osmos

Hemisphere Games, the creators of Osmos, have posted some of the end of year awards it has just won along with the chance to help. It has four nominations in the Best App Ever Awards that you can vote in…
Best Use of iOS Hardware
Most Innovative Game
Best Game Graphics
Best Game Controls

Please follow any of these links and click away; we’d really appreciate it if you could find the time to vote :-) Votes close 25th Jan.
(Each time you vote a Minimoog gets tuned and fed)

Anyways, this is the time of year when various reviewers and websites post their end-of-year awards and ask their users to vote on the best games of the year. Happily for us, Osmos for iPhone and/or iPad has received a bunch!

  • The big momma of all these is Apple’s selection as iPad Game of the Year! Woot woot.
  • Macworld chose Osmos as Puzzle Game of the Year!
  • IGN awarded Osmos with Coolest Atmosphere and Best Soundtrack of 2010. It was also nominated for Best iPhone Game. “The combination of the exquisite electronic soundtrack, the cool, colorful look of the different motes, and the zen pacing makes Osmos the coolest iPhone/iPad game of the year.”
  • IFC selected it not just as a top iOS game, but as one of the top games of 2010 on any platform. Seeing Osmos amongst such titles as Limbo, Mass Effect 2, Assassin’s Creed, Super Meat Boy, etc. is wild! “Rises head and shoulders above so much of the games content to be found on the App Store because of its thoughtful mechanics and abstract presentation. …beautiful and the ambient trance soundtrack transports players to blissed-out interactive nirvana.”
  • Osmos has been nominated in this year’s Crunchies for “Best Touch Interface”. These are some pretty far-reaching awards, with other categories including nominees such as Twitter, Facebook, the iPad, Netflix… crazy company!
  • Pocketgamer called it one of the ten best iPad games of 2010.
  • TouchArcade selected it as one of the best ports of 2010. “Osmos is one of those titles that feels like it was made for a touch screen, and after owning the Steam version on my laptop, moving to the iOS version felt like an upgrade. Really, no matter which version you play, Osmos is stellar from top to bottom.”
  • iLounge put out an iOS buyer’s guide, with all kinds of interesting articles and suggestions. They’ve included Osmos in their Top 100 Games of 2010. “Beautiful like a jellyfish tank set to ambient music from a hip lounge, Hemisphere Games’ Osmos challenges you to grow in size to overwhelm or absorb organic blobs in pool- and space-like settings. As soon as you think you understand the action, Osmos introduces the ability control the speed of time, and the challenge of outpacing new rivals. Brilliant and unique…”
  • The APPera named it one of the best iOS games of 2010.
  • Oh, and while this isn’t a top list, it was fun to read how “people should have wasted their time on” Osmos rather than Angry Birds. “[Osmos] is everything that games too often are not: beautiful, satisfying, sometimes even relaxing. It’s a full PC game shrunk to the iPhone, and there are some gorgeous touches. For example, that popping you feel after using the slow-motion feature and hearing the soundtrack drop in pitch? That’s a new synapse firing off in your head.”

Toot toot!

Osmos: Apple’s Game of the Year for iPad!

Osmos, Apple's Game of the Year 2010

Woah x10. Apple has just announced the four winners of the prestigious apps of the year 2010, and have selected Osmos as the iPad game of the year 2010. Congratulations to Hemisphere Games!

Steve Jobs does all his re-entry calculations using Osmos for iPad.

Osmos includes music from Gas and High Skies (free MP3 downloads)

Osmos in the app store

Also, coincidently Osmos (iOS) has just been updated.

Hey everyone! We’ve submitted a sweet Osmos iOS update (1.6.4) which should be available any day now. By popular demand, it contains:

  • Game Center support!
  • Skip a Level: Players will be able to skip up to three levels in Odyssey mode. If you’ve been having trouble with a specific level but want to continue the Odyssey (thereby unlocking additional Arcade modes), this update will be a big help!
  • Smaller download size on iPhone, allowing it to be downloaded over 3G.

A note for iOS developers out there: we learned a useful lesson we thought we should share. Our last iPhone update (1.6.3) added Retina support, including a set of larger textures that pushed the .ipa file we submitted to Apple up to 19.3 MB. We thought this would squeak by under the 20 MB limit imposed on 3G downloads; but along the way, 1.4 MB was somehow added to the version finally available on the App Store. We’re not sure what in Apple’s process causes this, but we’ve submitted an 18 MB .ipa file this time to try to remain under the limit. Beware the bloat!


Osmos App Store Sale – 99c / 59p

Osmos for iPhone in the App StoreOsmos for iPhone/iPod Touch is in a super sale, and has had its price absorbed down to 99c / 59p / €0.79 but only for this week until 8th October 2010 (next Friday).

Osmos for iPhone, made by those super talented and nice chaps at Hemisphere Games and featuring music by Gas & High Skies, went straight to No1 in the App Store (yikes!) and was the App of the Week everywhere including the App Store. Shows off your retina display too.

59 pence!

Get it now.

Osmos on BBC Click

Osmos will be on the BBC’s Click program this weekend (18, 19 Sept UK). Reviewed by the lovely Kate Russell on her Webscape section.

Kate Russell on Webscape - BBC Click

The technology and gadget show is on
BBC News channel (Freeview channel 80) Sat and Sun 3.30pm,
BBC1 Sat 6.45am.

and also online at bbc.co.uk/click and iPlayer

UPDATE: The 11.30am shows have been postponed because of the Pope’s visit, but you can still catch the 3.30pm shows, or online and iPlayer.

I’m not sure if you can view the video if you’re outside the UK but the online version is now live…
BBC Click Webscape with Osmos

IGN: Osmos is best iPhone game of all time


In IGN’s list of the top 25 iPhone games of all time, Osmos sits at the top position!

“The top iPhone game was an easy choice, to be honest. Though there are many great games available in the App store, one stood out above the rest for its innovation and its addictiveness. Nobody at IGN could put it down. It deserves to be on every iDevice out there.”

2B or ≠ 2B… Universal

Eddy Boxerman from Hemisphere Games has written a very interesting post on the dilema of creating universal apps for the App Store…

When Apple first announced the iPad, including information on its App Store and Universal Apps, we began asking ourselves should we go “Universal”, or release two separate builds? This is a question that every iOS developer is faced with, and there are those on both sides of the fence, each with their own reasons. It also depends on the nature of the App itself. In the end, we decided to release two separate Apps: “Osmos for iPad” followed by “Osmos”, an iPhone only app. Some of our players have asked “Why?”  continue…

Read the rest of the post on Hemisphere’s blog…

Free Osmos iPhone for the Supersonic…

Hemisphere Games are giving away free copies of Osmos for iPhone/ iPod on their Facebook page for the next week, but only if you’re speedy.

Osmos Looks like we have some extra iPhone promo codes for Osmos that will expire soon, so we’re going to give some away over the next week or so! :) Here’s the first code — WPAWX96H3464 — first-claimed-first-served! [Please post a reply to this post if you’ve successfully used it or see it’s already been claimed.]


Grab them whilst they’re super chilled, visit Osmos on Facebook

Osmos iPhone – 1.6.3 Update

Hemisphere have just released update 1.6.3 to the iPhone version of Osmos

Howdy folks,

Just wanted to let you know that update 1.6.3 for iPhone just hit the store.

Here are the details:
– High resolution icon for iPhone 4.
– Music plays after phone call interruption.
– Fix for achievement granting bug.
– Other minor bug fixes.


ps. now would be an excellent time to write a nice, “useful” review, as the App Store review page resets on update. Thanks!

Visit Hemisphere Games…