High Skies – The World Forgotten

High Skies - The World Forgotten

New music from High Skies, The World Forgotten.

Music specially written for the Silk experience, which you can visit to hear the music in full.

Eight minutes of ballerina-like pure analogue synths, gentle soundwaves lapping over the tape echo. Equipment used: Roland Space Echo, Roland Jupiter 6, ARP Odyssey and the Akai S612 vintage sampler. No MIDI.

Available now on iTunes and Amazon

Microscopics January Wallpaper

An appropriately snowy scene for this free to download January wallpaper, taken at Microscopics HQ during the recent absolute-zero freeze.

Click to enlarge, then right-click/control-click to download. We’ve included two different ratios, which should fit most monitors. As is usual for WordPress blogs, all rescaled  images are cruelly rendered myopic, but focus will be restored when enlarged/clicked.

Microscopics 2011 January Wallpaper 1600x1200
1600 x 1200

Microscopics 2011 January Wallpaper 1920x1200
1920 x 1200 widescreen


High Skies – ‘Sounds of Earth’ released


We’re pleased to announce that the new High Skies EP has been released. Listen…

Au Début du Voyage
The Shape of Things to Come
Voyage en Argent
Forecast Fire
The Earth at Night
Sounds of Earth
includes a digital booklet on Voyager’s Golden Record.

Blade Runner meets Voyager, Deckard meets Sagan; an interstellar soundtrack to NASA’s Voyager spacecraft. Subtle, deep, swirling electronics are entwined with narratives, sounds and recordings taken from Voyager’s golden record, building to the huge electronics of the title track. Six tracks of deep phased, electronic sounds of Earth.

Includes ‘The Shape of Things to Come‘ from the Osmos soundtrack.

Listen to Sounds of Earth now

Also available on iTunes and Amazon

Free Monthly CD Draw: December

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