Humble Indie Bundle 2: Pay What You Want

Five great games, pay what you want. Osmos along with Braid, Machinarium, Cortex Command, Revenge of the Titans and the High Skies EP, is part of the sequel to the Humble Indie Bundle! There are a ton of amazing things about this bundle (pay what you want, supporting charity, etc. etc.), but the best – and most entertaining – way to get all the details is to watch the quirky fun vid (“it seems pretty good”)!

Offer runs out in just a few days

UPDATE 1: Orders from 150,000 people have now reached over $1,100,000!
UPDATE 2: Now redeemable on Steam and Desura.

Osmos for Linux Released!

Osmos for Linux has been released!

We’re excited to announce that Osmos has been successfully absorbed by Linux, and is now available! Our newly initiated, one-man Linux warrior, Mr David Burke, has done an amazingly quick and solid job on the port, and it’s been running smoothly on a wide variety of Linux distributions and machines.

For those of you who have already purchased Osmos from Hemisphere, the Linux version is already yours — just follow the link in your original purchase email. (We’ll send you all a new one in the next day or two in case you’ve lost it.) And for new players, we’re still offering our $10-deal for all three(PC + Mac + Linux) versions together.

Go pick up Osmos for Linux!

Osmos News: Price, Release Date, Mac & Linux

We have news from Hemisphere about Osmos, the ambient game featuring music from Gas and High Skies. Here’s the new trailer.

Osmos has been released, we have copies to give away in our free draw.

Music: Gas – Discovery and High Skies – The Shape of Things to Come.
Note that the actual gameplay is much smoother than the video.

Price – $10
Release Date – August 18th
Mac and Linux Versions – Soon. Will be thrown in for everyone who buys direct from Hemisphere.

Eddy from Hemisphere says…

“But that’s too low, Hemisphere guys” you may say, “you’re crazy!” And you may well be right. Honestly though, we just want as many people as possible to play the full game — not just the demo. We also want to make sure that people who buy the game are very happy with their purchase.

Osmos will be available on Direct2Drive beginning August 18. If you pre-order the game between August 7 and 18 you’ll receive a coupon to gift Osmos to a friend for $1.

Believe it or not, we agreed to this. So go get yourself some Osmos, and share it with a friend.

We’ll also be selling Osmos on our site very soon. For those who purchase from Hemisphere directly, you’ll get the Mac version (when it’s ready) “thrown in”.

As for Steam, rumour has it they’ll be running a 10%-off sale upon release. So many choices…

More soon!
Eddy, on behalf of the Hemi-team


IGN: How do you describe Osmos to people?

Eddy Boxerman, Hemisphere Games: It’s surprisingly difficult. Whenever a new write-up about Osmos appears on the web, I check to see if the author has found that “magic phrase” that sweetly sums it up, but I have yet to see it. Essentially, it’s an ambient physics game. You’re a mote, and your object is to grow by absorbing smaller motes, and to avoid being absorbed by larger ones. It’s about balanced physical gameplay; it’s about a lush, Zen experience… visually, musically and physically; it’s about strategy; and sometimes patience is your best friend.

All that said, I find it as difficult to describe Osmos in words as it is to describe a song or a painting. The demo is free. Two minutes of playing will give you a much better idea than any amount of explanation on my part. The only thing I’d add is this: the early levels are meant to be easy and gentle, but the game can get very challenging later on. read more…


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Pre-order today at Direct2Drive (& gift Osmos to a friend for $1)
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Try the Osmos demo

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