Growing Microscopic Crystals: Interview

Dustin Brown sent us this strangely fascinating video he created of para-dichlorobenzene crystals (mothballs) growing under a microscope, looking like organic pixels and set to Microscopic. We took the opportunity to ask him how he created it.

Mat Jarvis: How long have you been observing things under the microscope?

Dustin Brown: I started observing through the microscope in the early ’70s when my uncle gave me a monocular hobby grade scope (along with a lot of model rocketry supplies).
I first observed pond water, putting the tiny Daphnia “water fleas” on a slide at low power. Then I noticed tiny specks swimming around them; on higher power I discovered protozoa! It was later that I learned someone had already done this in the 1600’s, his name was Leeuwenhoek.  I purchased the book “How to Know the Protozoa” by Jahn and spent hours finding and drawing species new to me.
I thought I would be a chemical engineer but ended up in Microbiology using microscopes to study microorganisms.

How do you hook up a camera to the microscope?
If one is fortunate enough to have a microscope with a trinocular head they can mount the appropriate camera on this “third eye”. My film camera, at the time, was an SLR Minolta and nice images could be obtained by removing the camera lens and positioning the camera body near the microscope eyepiece. I started with a tripod and black felt to block room light. It could get good images but I was constantly knocking the camera out of alignment with the scope. It was then I took a Minolta camera lens ring and built a mount around it. This mount friction fit snugly over the eyepiece.   (No more black felt or bumping out of position :-)

What kind of equipment did you use and what basic equipment do you need to try it yourself?
My current camera is a Nikon CoolPix S570
Most cameras can be used but the camera will probably need to either have a removable lens or, if not, be able to zoom.   A camera with a lens and no zoom will probably only image a small circle of light surrounded by black vignetting. The only way to know for sure is to try the camera up close to the microscope eyepiece and find the optimum position and zoom level.  This information will dictate how one positions the tripod or builds the camera mount.

mothballs and brimstone crystals

Polarizing filters: Continue reading Growing Microscopic Crystals: Interview

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