Woob Interviews High Skies – Part II


Part II of my interview with Paul Frankland (Woob) on his Season 9 blog, where we talk about future work, future synthesis, favourite gear and recording Gas 0095.

High Skies – Sounds of Earth by  microscopics

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Gas 0095 Listening Pod

In the near future when we all have silver boiler-suits, we’ll pack up our Soylent Green sandwiches and head off early morning to the office or studio parked at the bottom of the garden. But what an office/ studio it will be.  Of course, once we shut the hatch, we can close our spreadsheets and fire up the music.

Gas 0095 playing on the jukebox

NAU, an international design group that aims to fundamentally change the way we interact with computers, is creating a virtual reality pod-thing, known as the “Immersive Cocoon.” They have other futurist designs and concept on their site, well worth a visit

After the hatch (silently) slides open, a small extendible staircase will glide down to invite you inside the dome. Once inside, you’ll see a 360° seamless display and hear full 3D surround sound. The best part of all this is the inclusion of motion-tracking cameras and a motion-sensing floor platform, which will serve as the primary means of interactivity.

Imagine being surrounded by jellyfish whilst analogue sequencers circle around endlessly, drifting in and out with the ocean currents. As long as there’s a socket for a kettle, I’m not leaving.

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