Microscopics January Wallpaper

An appropriately snowy scene for this free to download January wallpaper, taken at Microscopics HQ during the recent absolute-zero freeze.

Click to enlarge, then right-click/control-click to download. We’ve included two different ratios, which should fit most monitors. As is usual for WordPress blogs, all rescaled  images are cruelly rendered myopic, but focus will be restored when enlarged/clicked.

Microscopics 2011 January Wallpaper 1600x1200
1600 x 1200

Microscopics 2011 January Wallpaper 1920x1200
1920 x 1200 widescreen


Osmos: Apple’s Game of the Year for iPad!

Osmos, Apple's Game of the Year 2010

Woah x10. Apple has just announced the four winners of the prestigious apps of the year 2010, and have selected Osmos as the iPad game of the year 2010. Congratulations to Hemisphere Games!

Steve Jobs does all his re-entry calculations using Osmos for iPad.

Osmos includes music from Gas and High Skies (free MP3 downloads)

Osmos in the app store

Also, coincidently Osmos (iOS) has just been updated.

Hey everyone! We’ve submitted a sweet Osmos iOS update (1.6.4) which should be available any day now. By popular demand, it contains:

  • Game Center support!
  • Skip a Level: Players will be able to skip up to three levels in Odyssey mode. If you’ve been having trouble with a specific level but want to continue the Odyssey (thereby unlocking additional Arcade modes), this update will be a big help!
  • Smaller download size on iPhone, allowing it to be downloaded over 3G.

A note for iOS developers out there: we learned a useful lesson we thought we should share. Our last iPhone update (1.6.3) added Retina support, including a set of larger textures that pushed the .ipa file we submitted to Apple up to 19.3 MB. We thought this would squeak by under the 20 MB limit imposed on 3G downloads; but along the way, 1.4 MB was somehow added to the version finally available on the App Store. We’re not sure what in Apple’s process causes this, but we’ve submitted an 18 MB .ipa file this time to try to remain under the limit. Beware the bloat!


2B or ≠ 2B… Universal

Eddy Boxerman from Hemisphere Games has written a very interesting post on the dilema of creating universal apps for the App Store…

When Apple first announced the iPad, including information on its App Store and Universal Apps, we began asking ourselves should we go “Universal”, or release two separate builds? This is a question that every iOS developer is faced with, and there are those on both sides of the fence, each with their own reasons. It also depends on the nature of the App itself. In the end, we decided to release two separate Apps: “Osmos for iPad” followed by “Osmos”, an iPhone only app. Some of our players have asked “Why?”  continue…

Read the rest of the post on Hemisphere’s blog…

Free Osmos iPhone for the Supersonic…

Hemisphere Games are giving away free copies of Osmos for iPhone/ iPod on their Facebook page for the next week, but only if you’re speedy.

Osmos Looks like we have some extra iPhone promo codes for Osmos that will expire soon, so we’re going to give some away over the next week or so! :) Here’s the first code — WPAWX96H3464 — first-claimed-first-served! [Please post a reply to this post if you’ve successfully used it or see it’s already been claimed.]


Grab them whilst they’re super chilled, visit Osmos on Facebook

Gas – Microscopic 600 (paulstretch)

Gas 0095Here is our track Gas – Microscopic stretched by 600% into 38 minutes of ambience. After the fun last week on Gawker, stretching pop tracks into ambient monsters, we thought we’d join in.

The original before editing is just over one hour long. The world’s longest single is 43 minutes, so perhaps we should have uploaded the original.
On the maximum hyperStretch setting the track comes to a rather lengthy 18822 years for a full performance, with a bpm approaching negative numbers.

Close the curtains and turn off the lights.
Gas – Microscopic 600 (edit) by microscopics
Free download for a limited time (89mb)

And compared to the 9 minute original.Gas – Microscopic by microscopics
Free download (9mb)

UPDATE: read our interview with PaulStretch creator Paul Nasca

Pump – Sombrero Fallout (CD winners)

Pump - Sombrero Fallout (Plague Recordings)These are the lucky winners for the Pump CD draw (Plague Recordings), drawn by top Plague cheese Fre de Vos. We will be contacting you for your location in space…

Simon Czentnar
Brad Porter

Congratulations to the winners! Your CDs will be casually making their way to your door direct from Plague Recordings.


Thanks to everyone who entered, here is your free track from the album

Pump – Falling From Grace


Visit Plague Recordings…


Pump – Sombrero Fallout (free copies to give away)

For this month’s giveaway we’re teaming up with Plague Recordings for the special release of the Pump – Sombrero Fallout album. Recorded between 1988 to 1992 and unreleased til now, seventeen years later. This is Pump’s second album, or more if you count their early cassette-only releases, and we have three copies on CD to give away!

Just add a few words in the comments section below for a chance to win.

The three lucky/random numbers will be drawn out of a lucky/random hat by Fré De Vos, big chief at Plague, on 12 Aug 2010 (Next Thursday)

Pump were Andrew Cox and David Elliott, a pair of like-minded electronic music fiends who met at Brighton Uni in ’79. The album is a darkly mix of electronic ambience and the odd acoustic instrument, containing a wealth of juicy analog gear in the form of Roland SH-101, SH-09, and MC-202; ARP Odyssey; Korg MS10, DDM110 and DDM220; Casio SK1, EMU Emulator II; Yamaha YSS-200, plus a few ‘real’ instruments and was recorded to a 4 track portastudio.

Free full MP3 for everyone who enters

Pump – Falling From Grace

Note that we don’t keep or share anyone’s email addresses, so there’s no reason not to enter!

Visit Plague Recordings website

Add a comment now…

Free Minimoog with Gas 0095

Special offer: All orders of our Gas 0095 album on CD or Flac24 come with a free Minimoog model (Microscopics micro model Minimoog?). The 1/8th scale model is painstakingly modelled on the classic Minimoog analogue synthesizer (204D model), probably the best known and most loved of all synthesizers. It’s printed at 600dpi on 350gsm matt-laminated card, die cut and hand scored, it’s modelled at 1:8 scale, and measures 100 x 60 x 40mm, perfect for your studio desk. Order now…

Minimoog Front
Microscopics Moog 1:8 scale model, front.

The Minimoog, which often tops polls of the best and  most loved synthesizer of all time, was first released in 1970 by Moog Music Inc. It was the first to filter the essential modules from the huge room-filling modulars into a portable and affordable instrument. It distilled the complex modular pathways in to a simple VCO>VCF>ENV+LFO path, easy to understand and is still the standard layout today.

“It took the synthesizer from the studio and into the concert hall” David Borden.
“absolutely changed the face of music” Rick Wakeman,

 Famous users include Boards of Canada, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Future Sound of London, Air, Yes, Pink Floyd, Klaus Schulze
Moog Music still make a 21st century Minimoog, the hugely successful Minimoog Voyager, which adds MIDI and memories amongst other extras.

Minimoog Rear
Microscopics Moog, rear.


Minimoog reproduced by kind permission of Moog Music Inc.

The Minimoog comes free with all orders of Gas 0095 on CD or Flac24; and both versions also includes the full 320k mp3 version as an instant download (including booklet and extra goodies), and free shipping.


Gas 0095 Anniversary Draw – The Winners

gas_0095_15-silverMany thanks for everyone who took the time to add a comment and for all the kind words on our recent anniversary draw.

The results were drawn at random by fellow artists; Charles Webster (Presence, Furry Phreaks, Symetrix etc), Magnus Birgersson (Solar Fields), and Martin Iveson (Atjazz).

The Gas 0095 collection of CD + t-shirt + MP3 + Flac24 + Minimoog, Moog Modular and mini Gas 0095 models goes to…

N.B (US)

And two runners up prizes of the Gas 0095 collection minus the t-shirt goes to…

D.K & N.S (Ireland)

Many thanks to Charles, Magnus and Martin for drawing the numbers.
You have one month to collect your prizes.

Gas 0095 – giga zoom

A mix of tracks from the Gas 0095 album. Watch in HD

We have more Gas related posts over the next few weeks including interviews, studio pics, a quote a day, and the Q&A.

The Gas 0095 Q&A post is still open, so if you’d like to know anything about Gas 0095, ask a question on our Q&A blog post (link), or via our Facebook or Contact pages. Ask a question now…