Two Aphex Twin demo tapes

Back in the early 90s when I was on Time/Emit records I was lucky enough to be given two Aphex Twin demo cassettes by Dave Thompson, who was responsible for much of the vision behind the label.

One of the tapes is dated 1991.


1 Phloam
2 Cys
3 Mesophyll
4 Sium Quarm

Section A
1 Xtal
2 We are the Music Makers
3 Muntos
Section B
1 Plexor
2 After Rotation
3 4ph-217

Handwritten in semi-futuristic square lettering are contact phone numbers and address,
‘All tracks by The Aphex Twin’,
and a note that
‘Quality of recording is kept minimal for my protection’

I’ve blanked out the phone numbers

Gas 0095 Quotes: Richard Pinhas (Heldon)

richard_heldonToday’s Gas 0095 quote comes from electronic pioneer Richard Pinhas who first started experimenting with electronics in French band Heldon back in the early 70s.

Richard Pinhas on Gas 0095…

“Music saw genius appearing year by year, decade after decade. In the seventies people like Brian Eno gave a real boost in all areas of music. Then came other genii (in composition, sound, production, mixing etc…) like Nirvana in rock and Trent Reznor mixing rock and electronica. The “Downward Spiral” album was a real great event, with “Hurt” a perfect jewel. Then came Richard D James and his “Aphex Twin” bombshell. Aphex Twin is still a light in our musical world and his music was a REVOLUTION in the electronic theatre. In another sphere came Godspeed You Black Emperor, so called “post rock”, one of the best bands I have ever heard, really, even today!

So we are looking in the darkness of zillions of songs, DVDs, CDs, iTunes, whatever, a proliferation on the big www web world, and generally it is not very inspiring. It is a world of consummation and copy of a copy of copy. But some times a lighted planet crosses your life, as is the case with GAS 0095. It is “electronica”, synthesised, but it is good and real music.  I don’t even know if GAS 0095 are English, American or Martian, they do really good F*cking music! That is what is important, and it is real electronic music, not radio-compilation-bullsh*t. REAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC. So let us be delighted for here is my advice: don’t go to www.bullsh*t-zillion-tracks or song-world. Stop hearing bad copies of a copy of a copy of a copy of something that was perhaps once original. This is the year of GAS 0095. Be sure of it.

So don’t miss GAS 0095. It is pure JUICE!

Richard PINHAS direct from HELDON studio”


Catch him live in 2010 worldwide.
Check out his albums on Cuneiform.
He also has a new album ‘Metal/Crystal’ out in September
Join him on Facebook

Many thanks Richard!