Gas 0095 Quotes: Dylan (DF Tram, The Sound Capsule, Jump/Cut, Dylan McChillin)


Today’s Gas 0095 quote comes from Dylan (DF Tram), one of the most respected Chillout DJs/ producers/ remixers out there. He’s also one of the brains behind the band Jumpcut and the Ambisonic Collective. DF Tram is a collaboration between Dylan and Lonely Boy who use found-sound and film to create a powerful and moving audio/visual experience. He’s remixed the likes of AGK, the Irresistible Force, and Björk, as well as producing original music under various guises – Jump/Cut, The Sound Capsule, DF Tram, Dylan McChillin.

Dylan on Gas 0095…

“The album sounds great, really, really cool, but it also stands on its own as a great piece of music.

A timeless chillout classic, one of those deep and inspired albums I will be coming back to again and again. This is not just ambient wallpaper but an engaging journey for your earlids. A must have for fans of ambient electronic music and should be in every chill DJ’s record box.

Thanks again for creating this beautiful music.


Star splattered americana by  df tram

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Many thanks Dylan!

Gas 0095 Anniversary Draw – The Winners

gas_0095_15-silverMany thanks for everyone who took the time to add a comment and for all the kind words on our recent anniversary draw.

The results were drawn at random by fellow artists; Charles Webster (Presence, Furry Phreaks, Symetrix etc), Magnus Birgersson (Solar Fields), and Martin Iveson (Atjazz).

The Gas 0095 collection of CD + t-shirt + MP3 + Flac24 + Minimoog, Moog Modular and mini Gas 0095 models goes to…

N.B (US)

And two runners up prizes of the Gas 0095 collection minus the t-shirt goes to…

D.K & N.S (Ireland)

Many thanks to Charles, Magnus and Martin for drawing the numbers.
You have one month to collect your prizes.

Gas 0095 – giga zoom

A mix of tracks from the Gas 0095 album. Watch in HD

We have more Gas related posts over the next few weeks including interviews, studio pics, a quote a day, and the Q&A.

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Gas 0095 Quotes: Pete Namlook (Fax)

Today’s Gas 0095 quote comes from Pete Namlook, the prolific electronic German musician. Owner of the classic Fax label, he’s released music with Klaus Schulze, Biosphere, Richie Hawtin, HIA, Mixmaster Morris and many others.

Peter’s laconic quote about Gas 0095…

“Simply a classic”

Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze – Dark Side of the Moog

Many thanks Pete!

Gas 0095: 15 Year Anniversary – Collection Giveaway

The Gas 0095 album was first released fifteen years ago this month, and was the second artist album on Emit Records. To celebrate, we’re giving away the Gas 0095 Collection, plus we’ll have other posts, interviews, and freebies over the next couple of weeks.

Gas 0095 – giga zoom

A mix of tracks from the Gas 0095 album.
Select 480P for higher quality or Watch in HD

Simply add a comment to this post to be in with a chance to win.  The first name out of the quantum random number generator will win the Gas 0095 Collection…


Gas 0095 Collection = CD, t-shirt (Gas or High Skies), flac 24bit, MP3 320k including digital booklet, plus Microscopics Minimoog, Moog Modular and mini Gas 0095 models.
Two runners-up will win the Gas 0095 collection minus the t-shirt.

Draw will take place on Monday 8th March.
If you already own the collection or don’t want to win, you can still add a comment; then if you win we’ll make a note that you won but added your prize back into the pot.

Simple, just add a comment below. (we don’t keep any email addresses entered with comments)

UPDATE: The competition is now closed. The winners are announced here. A big thank you to everyone who commented!

Gas 0095 Questions for Answers

qGas 0095 15 year anniversary Q&A
If you have any questions about Gas 0095, let us know here and we’ll answer a selection in another blog post.

Anything you like; how it was recorded, what the cover is, which track was recorded first, did any mistakes make it to the CD, mastering, track names, what’s the width of the CD in atoms, how many CDs stacked on top of each other would it take to get into space… Let us know any questions you have and we’ll answer them in a future post.

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