High Skies – The Shape of Things to Come – video

High Skies – The Shape of Things to Come
Main aurelia aurita footage by Randy Perry.

We’ve just completed videos for all the tracks on the ‘High Skies – Sounds of Earth’ release and will be posting a new video every week.

1 Au Début du Voyage
2 The Shape of Things to Come
3 Voyage en Argent (next week)
4 …

High Skies – The World Forgotten

High Skies - The World Forgotten

New music from High Skies, The World Forgotten.

Music specially written for the Silk experience, which you can visit to hear the music in full.

Eight minutes of ballerina-like pure analogue synths, gentle soundwaves lapping over the tape echo. Equipment used: Roland Space Echo, Roland Jupiter 6, ARP Odyssey and the Akai S612 vintage sampler. No MIDI.

Available now on iTunes and Amazon

Silk for the web

Silk, a new High Skies project with programmer and creator Yuri Vishnevsky.

It’s based on our iPad app of the same name, but has been updated and is available for your browser. It’s still in beta and uses experimental HTML5 code so it won’t work on all browsers, but I can confirm it does work on Chrome and Safari 6, possibly Firefox. Other browsers such as IE and Mobile Safari (ipad) may be missing features such as music.

Music is ‘High Skies – The World Forgotten‘ specially written for the experience.
Music available now on iTunes and Amazon

Equipment used: Roland Space Echo, Roland Jupiter 6, ARP Odyssey, Akai S612, no MIDI.

It’s also won an award from Adobe

Give it a whirl now… new.weavesilk.com

New High Skies remix – Furry Phreaks-Soothe

Brand new High Skies remix of the classic Fury Phreaks track, Soothe (feat Terra Deva and Charles Webster)

Only ARP Odyssey, voice and Roland Space Echo.

The video is an animation of all the frequency dynamics in the music, the colours being the intensities of the frequencies. It’s available in 4k resolution if you view in full screen (set your eyes to retina).

Available now on iTunes and Amazon

Silk for iPad, copies to be won.

Silk for iPadAdd a comment below to win a copy.

With the swish of a finger anyone can create beautiful, flowing art entwined with an ethereal soundscape, a world where riches of color spring from your fingertips.

  • The official app of www.weavesilk.com with millions of users.
  • Create gorgeous wallpapers with the swish of a finger.
  • Original music and sound by Mat Jarvis (High Skies)

All music and sound was performed on Jupiter 6 and ARP Odyssey, and features a brand new High Skies track. Compatible with all iPads, iOS v4.0 or later.

Simply add a comment to win a copy, we have three copies to give away. The draw will take place on Friday 27th May 2011. Anyone who wins and has already bought Silk will get a full refund, or is free to give to a friend.

Get Silk from the App Store

Some sample images you can create with Silk…

Silk for iPad, screenshot 1 Silk for iPad, screenshot 2 Silk for iPad, screenshot 3

Don’t forget to add a comment below to win, simple!
We do not keep email addresses and only the winners will be contacted, so there is no reason not to enter! Good luck!

Free Minimoog with Gas 0095

Special offer: All orders of our Gas 0095 album on CD or Flac24 come with a free Minimoog model (Microscopics micro model Minimoog?). The 1/8th scale model is painstakingly modelled on the classic Minimoog analogue synthesizer (204D model), probably the best known and most loved of all synthesizers. It’s printed at 600dpi on 350gsm matt-laminated card, die cut and hand scored, it’s modelled at 1:8 scale, and measures 100 x 60 x 40mm, perfect for your studio desk. Order now…

Minimoog Front
Microscopics Moog 1:8 scale model, front.

The Minimoog, which often tops polls of the best and  most loved synthesizer of all time, was first released in 1970 by Moog Music Inc. It was the first to filter the essential modules from the huge room-filling modulars into a portable and affordable instrument. It distilled the complex modular pathways in to a simple VCO>VCF>ENV+LFO path, easy to understand and is still the standard layout today.

“It took the synthesizer from the studio and into the concert hall” David Borden.
“absolutely changed the face of music” Rick Wakeman,

 Famous users include Boards of Canada, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan, Future Sound of London, Air, Yes, Pink Floyd, Klaus Schulze
Moog Music still make a 21st century Minimoog, the hugely successful Minimoog Voyager, which adds MIDI and memories amongst other extras.

Minimoog Rear
Microscopics Moog, rear.


Minimoog reproduced by kind permission of Moog Music Inc.

The Minimoog comes free with all orders of Gas 0095 on CD or Flac24; and both versions also includes the full 320k mp3 version as an instant download (including booklet and extra goodies), and free shipping.


SX-150: The Free Analog Synth

My good friend Charles Webster brought me a small gift from his recent Japanese/ Australian tour to help beef up the Microscopics studio: a copy of the latest Gakken magazine which also comes with an analog synth as a simple-to-build construct kit. There’s no soldering, or hair-pulling, you just need a small screwdriver and about half an hour.

It’s like a souped up Stylophone and about the same size, with a pen (you can pretend it’s a Fairlight light pen) that makes contact with a metal (or carbon in this case) keyboard to play the notes, except the SX-150 keyboard is continuous with no note divisions, so you’ll have to determine the notes by ear like on your Theremin.
It also has a filter, LFO, simple VCA and pitch envelopes, and an external input to process your Minimoog.

The magazine also looks really interesting, with 126 pages on the history of analog synthesizers and electronic music, photos and interviews with famous users, comparisons of analog synth verses plugin copies, visits to Japanese analog synth shops with every classic synthesizer you could want, plus interviews with Mr Roland, Mr Korg, and presets, mods and stickers for your new SX-150! Probably lots more if I could read Japanese…

This is a beautifully put together magazine and kit with lots of thought, care and attention to detail put into the package. If only everything sold had this much care put in, the world would be a better place.

There are quite a few mods that people have made, such as adding a midi port or a sequencer. I’ll try to find some good examples and post them here.

I’ve added a gallery below displaying SX-150 details and pages from the magazine showing amongst other things, a pull out copy of Yellow Magic Orchestra’s (YMO) recording track sheets for their Solid State Survivor album, SX-150 mods, construction instructions, Mr Roland and Mr Korg interviews, the history of analog synthesizers, and 50 essential electronic albums.

Click to enlarge…

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