Odessa, a short film, music by High Skies

Odessa, a short film by Cidney Hue, with music by High Skies.

BEST Narrative Short – Chain NYC Film Festival 2013
BEST Director of a Short – Chain NYC Film Festival 2013
BEST Sci-Fi Short – Atlantic City Cinefest/Downbeach Film Festival 2013

After a year of film festivals, Odessa, is now available to view in full and download on Vimeo and YouTube.

Music: High Skies – The Earth at Night

More info at odessathefilm.com

High Skies – The World Forgotten

High Skies - The World Forgotten

New music from High Skies, The World Forgotten.

Music specially written for the Silk experience, which you can visit to hear the music in full.

Eight minutes of ballerina-like pure analogue synths, gentle soundwaves lapping over the tape echo. Equipment used: Roland Space Echo, Roland Jupiter 6, ARP Odyssey and the Akai S612 vintage sampler. No MIDI.

Available now on iTunes and Amazon

Silk for the web

Silk, a new High Skies project with programmer and creator Yuri Vishnevsky.

It’s based on our iPad app of the same name, but has been updated and is available for your browser. It’s still in beta and uses experimental HTML5 code so it won’t work on all browsers, but I can confirm it does work on Chrome and Safari 6, possibly Firefox. Other browsers such as IE and Mobile Safari (ipad) may be missing features such as music.

Music is ‘High Skies – The World Forgotten‘ specially written for the experience.
Music available now on iTunes and Amazon

Equipment used: Roland Space Echo, Roland Jupiter 6, ARP Odyssey, Akai S612, no MIDI.

It’s also won an award from Adobe

Give it a whirl now… new.weavesilk.com

New High Skies remix – Furry Phreaks-Soothe

Brand new High Skies remix of the classic Fury Phreaks track, Soothe (feat Terra Deva and Charles Webster)

Only ARP Odyssey, voice and Roland Space Echo.

The video is an animation of all the frequency dynamics in the music, the colours being the intensities of the frequencies. It’s available in 4k resolution if you view in full screen (set your eyes to retina).

Available now on iTunes and Amazon

Osmos 2 – Free update. Play against the developers!

Osmos 2 has been released for iOS and is a free update.

Osmos 2 -Multiplayer
Osmos 2 -Multiplayer

Introducing multiplayer and iPad retina support.

And for this weekend you can play against the devs (until our batteries run out). I’ll add all the Game Center names here as things progress.
I am =  OsmosDev_Mat
Dave Burke = OsmosDev_Dave
Andy Nealen = OsmosDev_Andy


  • Play against your friends (and enemies), locally (via wi-fi or Bluetooth), or over the Internet (random or invitations)!
  • 6 distinct Arenas: Ambient, Impasse, Solar, Warped Chaos, Epicycles, and introducing… Antimatter Impasse.
  • iPad vs. iPhone play supported (local games only)
  • 15 new multiplayer-specific achievements.
  • An optional handicap system to help keep competition friendly. Be kind to young motes!
  • Players can now tweet their achievements and broadcast challenges to their friends and followers to take them on in multiplayer.

Antimatter Impasse will really warp your noodles.

Also includes some new High Skies sounds.

Update now and absorb some friends/ random nerds…

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Woob – Paradigm Flux, Ten Copies to Win

Woob has a great new EP out and we have ten copies to give away;
simply add a comment to this post to win. There’s a brilliant timelapse video to accompany Paradigm Flux made with Photographer Samuel Cockedey. We also took the opportunity for a quick interview with them both.


inter // states, video by Samuel Cockedey, music by Woob.

An interview with Woob aka Paul Frankland

Mat Jarvis: Paradigm Flux, especially the eponymous track, sounds more hectic and in your face than previous Woob releases; Is this a new direction for Woob?
Paul Frankland: I have mainly been working to picture since around 2001 and this called for me to write in a lot of very different and sometimes unique genres, but there was never any time to really further develop and explore these ideas. This EP and eventual album are a platform for me to do this without the usual strict parameters and deadlines. I had toyed with the idea of recording under a different name for this project but decided against it as not to further fragment my output. However The ‘Tokyo cut’ of ‘Paradigm Flux’ was arranged specifically for the ‘Inter // States’ film and as such is written to convey the franticness of the imagery – the album version is much more spaced out.

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Woob Repurpose – winners

Woob - RepuposeThese are the three people Paul Frankland (Woob) drew out of the random hat generator; all receive a digital copy (MP3/ Flac) of his great new Woob album, Repurpose…

Martin Culen



Many thanks to Paul F and everyone who entered, congratulations to the winners / better luck next month when we’ll have another free CD draw from Plague Recordings.

Now preview and buy Woob’s new album, Repupose…

Woob – Repurpose (new album, free copies to give away)

My former Emit label-mate Paul Frankland has a new Woob album for you, and it’s a classic.

We have three copies (MP3 + Flac) to give away; just add a comment below to win. (No email addresses will be kept)

Six tracks of ambient clouds, lush strings and Commodore 64. Film length scores ranging from four to nineteen minutes.

  • Repurpose
  • Nylon (free)
  • Giant Stroke (extended)
  • Stranger Air
  • Departure
  • 85-bit

Buy it now, because it’s a great album and to help guarantee there will be more Woob albums in the future.

The limited 1st edition CD has sold out, but there is a 2nd edition CD due soon. It’s also available as MP3 and Flac.

MJ: How would you sum up Repurpose?

PAUL FRANKLAND: It’s been described as ‘Cinema for the Ears’ I think that sums it up pretty well.

MJ: When will the 2nd edition CD be available to order?

PF: Official release is sometime in early July, though to secure a copy early read this post.

Woob – ‘Repurpose’

Buy it now, help support indie artists and get a great album.

The random draw will be made by Paul Frankland next Fri 2nd July 2010.

Add a comment below to win now…

Woob Interviews High Skies – Part II


Part II of my interview with Paul Frankland (Woob) on his Season 9 blog, where we talk about future work, future synthesis, favourite gear and recording Gas 0095.

High Skies – Sounds of Earth by  microscopics

Part I of our previous interview is here…

Read the interview Part II…