Gas 0095 Quotes: Richard Barbieri (Japan, Porcupine Tree)

richard_barbieriToday’s Gas 0095 and final quote comes from Richard Barbieri who plays keyboards for Porcupine Tree and the legendary Japan. Japan were responsible for one of the greatest albums ever, Tin Drum, and Richard was hugely responsible for its sound; a strange mix of Chinese folk influenced electronics; Eno and Moroder meet Mao Tse Tung.

Richard Barbieri on Gas 0095

love the albumMicroscopic sounds amazing.
It has beautifully crafted arrangements with programmed synthesis and textures that constantly evolve. Filmic landscapes of electronics ebb and flow against trancey rhythms and sequences.
I’ve heard a lot of electronic music during this period and in this genre but this is superior stuff. It’s pretty spacey as well and has a nice retro feel in the way the synths are washed with repeats and reverbs in places, reminiscent of Vangelis‘ classic Bladerunner.
Probably what I most relate to and like about this album is the attention to detail and the subtle electronics and abstract percussion that serve as a backdrop to the musical themes.

Richard Barbieri  (Japan, Porcupine Tree)

Listen to Gas 0095 here (includes free download)

Japan – The Experience of Swimming (Barbieri)

Many thanks Richard!

Gas 0095 Quotes: Bob Katz

bob_katzTodays Gas 0095 quote comes from Bob Katz, one of the best known and highly regarded mastering engineers, he’s also an inventor and author, and owns and runs the highly successful Digital Domain mastering company.

Mat Jarvis’ restoration of Gas 0095; it sounds to me like it was originally mixed to analog tape, congratulations on doing a good, conservative job with the noise reduction.
I must say that I’m quite impressed by the sound and the music. It is a very interesting electronic album with extraordinarily impressive and natural dynamics (don’t turn up your volume at the beginning or you’ll be fooled!). Good stereo imaging and variety and wonderful musicality. This is enjoyable and interesting experimental music that I highly recommend. Nice job!

Bob Katz is a highly respected mastering engineer who invented the K-system, was award a US patent for his circuit design, “Process for Enhancing the Existing Ambience, Imaging, Depth, Clarity and Spaciousness of Sound Recordings.” (K-Stereo and K-Surround), and runs his own mastering company Digital Domain. Many thanks Bob.

Free Bob Katz mastering tutorial: The secrets of the Mastering Engineer

Gas 0095 Quotes: Alex Paterson (The Orb)

Today’s Gas 0095 quote comes from ambient pioneer Alex Paterson who has been recording and performing as The Orb for over 20 years. In 1997 rumour has it that The Orb remixed Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene 8′; Jarre refused to release it as it had almost nothing from the original. So The Orb called it Toxygene and released it as a single, which became another top ten hit.

Alex Paterson on Gas 0095…

“Gas 0095 – Escape from New York meets 2001:A Space Odyssey in Another Green World. Pure class.”
The Orb.

The Orb – Blue Room (12″ single mix) – the full mix is 40 minutes short.

Many thanks Alex!

Gas 0095 Quotes: Ian Boddy

ian_boddyToday’s Gas 0095 quote comes from electronic pioneer Ian Boddy who has been releasing electronic music since the very early 80s with three cassette only releases on the Mirage label. Famous for his analog modular systems he’s been releasing albums consistently ever since including collaborations with Robert Rich, Mark Shreeve and Chris Carter (Throbbing Gristle). He also runs his own electronic label, DiN Records and has several sample CDs for sale including the excellent Waveforms series.

Ian Boddy on Gas 0095…

“So after a short introductory track the long second piece, Experiments on Live Electricity begins in a leisurely fashion and you begin to wonder what this albums actually going to be like. Then at precisely 1:14 just about the biggest, fattest, wobbliest analogue bass cuts across the soundfield and grabs your attention. It’s the first of many great sounds on this album but it doesn’t fall into the trap of filling up the whole audio spectrum, it inhabits its own space allowing the track to breathe and the beguiling simplicity of the arrangement to shine through.”

ARC ( Ian Boddy & Mark Shreeve ) performing live on the Stars End radio show.
DiN Records
Waveforms Sample CD series

Many thanks Ian!

Gas 0095 Quotes: Robin Rimbaud (Scanner)

Today’s Gas 0095 quote comes from conceptual artist Robin Rimbaud who records as Scanner. Scanner shot to fame with his controversial methods of using scanned mobile phone conversations set over ambient scapes. He’s collaborated with Radiohead, Laurie Anderson, Michael Nyman and others, as well as recording for Emit (as has Michael Nyman for a Time EP). His sound design work can be heard as far apart as the Science Museum, a Philips wake up light and US car horn.

Robin Rimbaud on Gas 0095…

“A decade can change everything whilst even opinions and responses can alter in a moment. I remember hearing this CD on first release and being intrigued by the cool, futuristic sounds, possibilities suggested of an icy, cinematic scope. It remains a space-age dreamscape of electronic pulses, nudging rhythms and lost voices in the ether. It was far enough ahead that we are still waiting for it to sound contemporary!’”

Scanner on The South Bank Show 1997 (Popular UK TV arts program)

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Many thanks Robin!

Gas 0095 Quotes: Bassicman (paid $460 for Gas 0095 CD)

Today’s Gas 0095 quote comes from Bassicman, who paid $460 for the original Gas 0095 CD on eBay.

Basicman on Gas 0095…

Gas 0095 is certainly an iconic electronic release, I argue this point due to the fact that it is near impossible to further classify the style of the music contained within. Upon listening, it immediately becomes apparent that Mat Jarvis has created something unique and wonderful, a stunning seminal work of art that firmly holds its place in electronic music history.”


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Many thanks Bassicman!

Gas 0095 Quotes: Paul Frankland (Woob, Max & Harvey, Journeyman)

Today’s Gas 0095 quote comes from Paul Frankland who records as Woob, Max & Harvey, and Journeyman. He’s recently re-released his seminal Woob 1194 album first released on Emit Records.  If you’re into ambient, chillout, or electronic music you should own this album.

Paul Frankland on Gas 0095…

“A lot of electronic music has a habit of sounding dated over time. GAS 0095 has no such problem and sounds as great now as it did back then. An Infinitely spacious album that holds one of my fave chill tracks of all time- ‘Microscopic’. For a generation who have grown up on a diet of ”in the box”  sound, get ready for an out of box experience!”

On earth – excerpt 2 by  woob

Wuub by  woob

Paul F Interviewed by Mat J Part I, Part II
Woob 1194 on Bandcamp
Woob official site

Many thanks Paul!

Gas 0095 Quotes: Dylan (DF Tram, The Sound Capsule, Jump/Cut, Dylan McChillin)


Today’s Gas 0095 quote comes from Dylan (DF Tram), one of the most respected Chillout DJs/ producers/ remixers out there. He’s also one of the brains behind the band Jumpcut and the Ambisonic Collective. DF Tram is a collaboration between Dylan and Lonely Boy who use found-sound and film to create a powerful and moving audio/visual experience. He’s remixed the likes of AGK, the Irresistible Force, and Björk, as well as producing original music under various guises – Jump/Cut, The Sound Capsule, DF Tram, Dylan McChillin.

Dylan on Gas 0095…

“The album sounds great, really, really cool, but it also stands on its own as a great piece of music.

A timeless chillout classic, one of those deep and inspired albums I will be coming back to again and again. This is not just ambient wallpaper but an engaging journey for your earlids. A must have for fans of ambient electronic music and should be in every chill DJ’s record box.

Thanks again for creating this beautiful music.


Star splattered americana by  df tram

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Many thanks Dylan!

Gas 0095 Quotes: Richard Pinhas (Heldon)

richard_heldonToday’s Gas 0095 quote comes from electronic pioneer Richard Pinhas who first started experimenting with electronics in French band Heldon back in the early 70s.

Richard Pinhas on Gas 0095…

“Music saw genius appearing year by year, decade after decade. In the seventies people like Brian Eno gave a real boost in all areas of music. Then came other genii (in composition, sound, production, mixing etc…) like Nirvana in rock and Trent Reznor mixing rock and electronica. The “Downward Spiral” album was a real great event, with “Hurt” a perfect jewel. Then came Richard D James and his “Aphex Twin” bombshell. Aphex Twin is still a light in our musical world and his music was a REVOLUTION in the electronic theatre. In another sphere came Godspeed You Black Emperor, so called “post rock”, one of the best bands I have ever heard, really, even today!

So we are looking in the darkness of zillions of songs, DVDs, CDs, iTunes, whatever, a proliferation on the big www web world, and generally it is not very inspiring. It is a world of consummation and copy of a copy of copy. But some times a lighted planet crosses your life, as is the case with GAS 0095. It is “electronica”, synthesised, but it is good and real music.  I don’t even know if GAS 0095 are English, American or Martian, they do really good F*cking music! That is what is important, and it is real electronic music, not radio-compilation-bullsh*t. REAL ELECTRONIC MUSIC. So let us be delighted for here is my advice: don’t go to www.bullsh*t-zillion-tracks or song-world. Stop hearing bad copies of a copy of a copy of a copy of something that was perhaps once original. This is the year of GAS 0095. Be sure of it.

So don’t miss GAS 0095. It is pure JUICE!

Richard PINHAS direct from HELDON studio”


Catch him live in 2010 worldwide.
Check out his albums on Cuneiform.
He also has a new album ‘Metal/Crystal’ out in September
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Many thanks Richard!

Gas 0095 Quotes: Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order)

new_order-blue_mondayToday’s Gas 0095 quote comes from Mancunian electronic musician Peter Hook from New Order and Joy Division.

New Order were famous for mixing Moog sequences and Oberheim drum machines with Peter Saville artwork. Their single ‘Blue Monday’ famously depicted a 5 1/4″ floppy disc that cost more to produce than they made, so they lost money with every sale. It sold by the swimming pool full.

Peter Hook on Gas 0095…

very interesting, reminds me of Faust and a more atmospheric Kraftwerk, very interesting music!


New Order – Blue Monday (1983)

Many thanks Hooky!