Two Aphex Twin demo tapes

Back in the early 90s when I was on Time/Emit records I was lucky enough to be given two Aphex Twin demo cassettes by Dave Thompson, who was responsible for much of the vision behind the label.

One of the tapes is dated 1991.


1 Phloam
2 Cys
3 Mesophyll
4 Sium Quarm

Section A
1 Xtal
2 We are the Music Makers
3 Muntos
Section B
1 Plexor
2 After Rotation
3 4ph-217

Handwritten in semi-futuristic square lettering are contact phone numbers and address,
‘All tracks by The Aphex Twin’,
and a note that
‘Quality of recording is kept minimal for my protection’

I’ve blanked out the phone numbers

Osmos wins Apple Design Award 2011

Apple Design AwardAnother woah! for Osmos and Hemisphere; Osmos has won the Apple Design Award 2011!

There were twelve winners, just three in each category of iPhone, Mac, Student and iPad, which was Osmos’ category.

Eddy from Hemisphere attended to pick up his award of Apple hardware and metallic cuboid that glows when you touch it. We look forward to seeing Eddy’s pics!

Osmos included music from Gas and High Skies, and is available on PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Linux.

Visit to view all the winners…

Martin Rushent, 1948 – 2011

Martin Rushent
I heard the sad news that Martin Rushent has died aged just 63. I was just looking up info about him a few days ago. Producer and remixer from 1970s to 2011. He was responsible for the production on Dare, The Human League’s album from 1981, and was the first album I bought. It’s still an influence on me. Dare; the minimal and compact production and quality electronic sounds, but still very accessible without trying too hard. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Human League’s Love & Dancing album was the first remix album. (Love & Dancing was the name of a demo that turned into ‘Do or Die’ on Dare). He produced many other bands, such as the Stranglers, but none so electronic as The Human League.

‘Seconds’ from Dare, about the Kennedy shooting. Dare was one of the very first records to feature a Linn Drum drum machine.

Facebook page called Martin Rushent memories has been set up in his honour.

Nottingham Dance for Japan

Nottingham Dance for JapanA night of fine musical and shopping entertainment in aid of The British Red Cross for Japan Appeal.

Sat 9 April at 8pm

upstairs at Spanky Van Dyke
17 Goldsmith Street,

DJ’s on the night include: Charles Webster, Chris Duckenfield, Inland Knights, Paul Wain… and more special guests to be confirmed.…and…the venue has a very nice Funktion One sound system.

Entrance £5.00

Door open 8:00pm close 2:00am

There will be raffles and an auction to raise money, please bring cash or your cheque book if you want to join the auction….we will be updating this page with details and photo’s of auction/raffle items.

Auction items kindly donated by:

artists and record labels ; Atjazz records, Buzzin’ Fly, Defected, Freerange, Miso Records, Sonar Kolektiv, Wonk, Atavism…some of the records are rare and/or autographed copies !

and from these fine Nottingham businesses ; Atomic, Fopp, Toni and Guy, Page 45, Wild, Montana, Broadway Cinema, The Lakeside Theatre, Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.

and a selection of fantastic artwork from local street art collective Subism (prints and original artwork) and the wold famous Jon Burgerman (original artwork).

Sat 9 April.

The British Red Cross is a registered by Royal Charter 1908,
is a charity registered in England and Wales (220949)
and Scotland (SC037738)

All Sales Will Go to Japan Relief Fund

japan earthquake tsunami relief fundFrom today and the next two weeks 100% of music sales on our site will go to the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Every single penny of your money will go to Japan including any PayPal fees and expenses we incur.

As normal, 24bit FLACs and CDs include the 1:8 scale Minimoog model, although we are rapidly running out of both CDs and Minimoog models. Alternatively there will always be the 320k MP3 and FLAC albums.

Every penny will be sent to the American Red Cross at the end of each week.

Please donate now…

6th Planet, App Winners

6th Planet in the App Store

6th Planet app free draw, here are the winners who each get a copy…

Martin Wood
DrWigvisit his site for some excellent and free ambisonic VST plugins for Mac and PC.
Neil Allen

Many thanks to all fellow anthropoids and humanoids who added a comment, may the random numbers be in your favour next time.

Available now on the App Store for just 59p / 99c
Sixty levels, ten worlds full of challenging obstacles, hidden levels if you’re good at the gameplay part, and master levels for the guy who’s done with the story mode and still can’t stop playing.

6th Planet features a full ten track ambient soundtrack by renowned artists and a comic book story created in coorporation with Vivifilm. Vivi-who? They’re an animated movie production company with two Oscar nominations on their impressive resume.


Osmos: End of Year Awards

What a year Osmos has had! No1 in the iOS App Store and Apple’s iPad Game of the Year(!) as well as the PC/Mac/Linux version selling 250,000 copies in a week in the Humble Indie Bundle just before Christmas.

Steve Jobs relaxing with Osmos

Hemisphere Games, the creators of Osmos, have posted some of the end of year awards it has just won along with the chance to help. It has four nominations in the Best App Ever Awards that you can vote in…
Best Use of iOS Hardware
Most Innovative Game
Best Game Graphics
Best Game Controls

Please follow any of these links and click away; we’d really appreciate it if you could find the time to vote :-) Votes close 25th Jan.
(Each time you vote a Minimoog gets tuned and fed)
Anyways, this is the time of year when various reviewers and websites post their end-of-year awards and ask their users to vote on the best games of the year. Happily for us, Osmos for iPhone and/or iPad has received a bunch!

  • The big momma of all these is Apple’s selection as iPad Game of the Year! Woot woot.
  • Macworld chose Osmos as Puzzle Game of the Year!
  • IGN awarded Osmos with Coolest Atmosphere and Best Soundtrack of 2010. It was also nominated for Best iPhone Game. “The combination of the exquisite electronic soundtrack, the cool, colorful look of the different motes, and the zen pacing makes Osmos the coolest iPhone/iPad game of the year.”
  • IFC selected it not just as a top iOS game, but as one of the top games of 2010 on any platform. Seeing Osmos amongst such titles as Limbo, Mass Effect 2, Assassin’s Creed, Super Meat Boy, etc. is wild! “Rises head and shoulders above so much of the games content to be found on the App Store because of its thoughtful mechanics and abstract presentation. …beautiful and the ambient trance soundtrack transports players to blissed-out interactive nirvana.”
  • Osmos has been nominated in this year’s Crunchies for “Best Touch Interface”. These are some pretty far-reaching awards, with other categories including nominees such as Twitter, Facebook, the iPad, Netflix… crazy company!
  • Pocketgamer called it one of the ten best iPad games of 2010.
  • TouchArcade selected it as one of the best ports of 2010. “Osmos is one of those titles that feels like it was made for a touch screen, and after owning the Steam version on my laptop, moving to the iOS version felt like an upgrade. Really, no matter which version you play, Osmos is stellar from top to bottom.”
  • iLounge put out an iOS buyer’s guide, with all kinds of interesting articles and suggestions. They’ve included Osmos in their Top 100 Games of 2010. “Beautiful like a jellyfish tank set to ambient music from a hip lounge, Hemisphere Games’ Osmos challenges you to grow in size to overwhelm or absorb organic blobs in pool- and space-like settings. As soon as you think you understand the action, Osmos introduces the ability control the speed of time, and the challenge of outpacing new rivals. Brilliant and unique…”
  • The APPera named it one of the best iOS games of 2010.
  • Oh, and while this isn’t a top list, it was fun to read how “people should have wasted their time on” Osmos rather than Angry Birds. “[Osmos] is everything that games too often are not: beautiful, satisfying, sometimes even relaxing. It’s a full PC game shrunk to the iPhone, and there are some gorgeous touches. For example, that popping you feel after using the slow-motion feature and hearing the soundtrack drop in pitch? That’s a new synapse firing off in your head.”

Toot toot!

Mick Karn 1958-2011

Posted on

24th July 1958 – 4th January 2011

It’s with profound sadness that we have to inform you that Mick finally lost his battle with cancer and passed away peacefully at 4.30pm today, 4th January 2011 at home in Chelsea, London. He was surrounded by his family and friends and will be deeply missed by all.

Posted: 4th January 2011


I was hugely saddened to hear of Mick Karn’s recent passing. He was bass player with glam rock/ art rock/ European disco/ Chinese electronic folk band, Japan. They were hugely influential with many musicians, myself included, who grew up listening to them, and in particular Tin Drumtheir last and most successful album. Mick’s fretless bass sound was distinctive and experimental, yet also accessible. He will be missed.

 Here are a collection of random Mick Karn and Japan videos, on which he played bass, vocals and various wind instruments.

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