Silk for the web

Silk, a new High Skies project with programmer and creator Yuri Vishnevsky.

It’s based on our iPad app of the same name, but has been updated and is available for your browser. It’s still in beta and uses experimental HTML5 code so it won’t work on all browsers, but I can confirm it does work on Chrome and Safari 6, possibly Firefox. Other browsers such as IE and Mobile Safari (ipad) may be missing features such as music.

Music is ‘High Skies – The World Forgotten‘ specially written for the experience.
Music available now on iTunes and Amazon

Equipment used: Roland Space Echo, Roland Jupiter 6, ARP Odyssey, Akai S612, no MIDI.

It’s also won an award from Adobe

Give it a whirl now…

2 thoughts on “Silk for the web”

  1. Since stumbling upon this page (via StumbleUpon) with my little brother, I’ve been trying to get a decent screen shot to set as my background. This is very difficult to do when cropping a screenshot with MS Paint. A nice addition to would be the addition of a tool to allow one to export their image to a clip pad or upon clicking a link export their image to another page that would allow one to drag-and-drop or save the image file. This is a very beautiful toy (for lack of a better word). My brother and I have enjoyed the site very much. Many thanks.

  2. Hi Alex
    Thanks for the feedback and support, and all good points.
    There will be new features added allowing you to save your work in the future.
    ONe workaround would be to ‘fullscreen’ your browser window. I think it’s F11 on the PC, and the ‘fullscreen’ button on Mac, then take a screenshot.

    Thanks Alex!

    Mat (music)

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