High Skies – The World Forgotten

High Skies - The World Forgotten

New music from High Skies, The World Forgotten.

Music specially written for the Silk experience, which you can visit to hear the music in full.

Eight minutes of ballerina-like pure analogue synths, gentle soundwaves lapping over the tape echo. Equipment used: Roland Space Echo, Roland Jupiter 6, ARP Odyssey and the Akai S612 vintage sampler. No MIDI.

Available now on iTunes and Amazon

9 thoughts on “High Skies – The World Forgotten”

  1. Great piece indeed !
    Did you record it live in one shot ?
    By the way you should have a look at the minibrute, it’s quite a little big synth to me, full analog.
    Regards from France.

  2. Thanks Vincent,
    It’s not live, but was recorded using the computer as a tape recorder, so there wasn’t any MIDI used. Plus the ARP Odyssey broke during recording so I was only able to get a few simple sounds out of it.

    I haven’t tried the Minibrute but it does look good, especially for the money!

  3. Too bad for the Odyssey, I hope you can fix it. Concerning the space echo, is it a tape unit ?

    I’m making my way with the brute, it is quite interesting and it is a good way to understand sub synthesis !

  4. Odyssey is all fixed now!
    Yep, Roland RE201 Tape echo, nice and hissy, just as nature intended.
    I think it’s always good to have just a few synths that you get to use and abuse well, good luck with the learning Vincent!

  5. Thanks ! The RE201 is quite amazing but a bit expansive nowadays, what do you think about the boss RE-20 ?

  6. Yes, very expensive for what it does.

    I haven’t tried the RE-20, but I’ve seen demos of UAD’s version and that was awful, it sounds nothing like it.
    In some circumstances, most good delays will sound similar, but other times it does sound unique: very grungy and creamy.
    Mine is particularly wonky and grungy, and sometimes too wonky, but that;s part of its charm!
    Also, hissy!

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