Near Silence: Artists for Japan, Red Cross

Near Silence, a free album for anyone who donates to the Red Cross Japan appeal.

A supercooled album fractured with exclusives, classics and the new.
Richard Barbieri
has exclusively re-recorded his classic Japan track ‘The Experience of Swimming'; Charles Webster has donated an exclusive mix from his brand new January Tuesday project, which was only recorded last week; and Eno colloborator Roedelius, one of the electronic pioneers alongside Kraftwerk, has donated his classic ‘Wenn der Südwind Weht'; plus an unreleased High Skies track and new material from Woob and Anne Garner.

Please help us to collect donations for Japan by spreading this link on Facebook, Twitter, forums and email.

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7 thoughts on “Near Silence: Artists for Japan, Red Cross”

  1. Hello !

    Done my donation to the french Red Cross and re-tweeted the info : hope the word will be spread !

    Best regards from France.

    1. Thanks for the persistence : -)
      No you don’t have to be a UK citizen to donate to Red Cross UK, but you can also donate to ANY Red Cross as long as it’s their Japan appeal, or even to Red Cross via iTunes.

  2. I just donated to the American Red Cross for the effort…

    Tweeted the people in my industry and posted your link on my Facebook page!

    Thank you for all that you’re doing !


  3. I just donated to the American Red Cross too!
    All my friends from facebook will do the same! And all my employees too. Thank you!


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