6th Planet, New iPhone Arcade Game, Copies to Win

6th Planet in the App Store

6th Planet, brand new iPhone / iPod game from new indie developer Monkube. It’s a fusion of arcade game and comic book and features an electronic soundtrack from Leones, Robots in Space, Forest Fargloam and myself (with Gas-Microscopic). I also made some of the in-game sounds on my ARP Odyssey and old phaser pedal. Includes a full comicbook!

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Sixty levels, ten worlds full of challenging obstacles, hidden levels if you’re good at the gameplay part, and master levels for the guy who’s done with the story mode and still can’t stop playing.

6th Planet features a full ten track ambient soundtrack by renowned artists and a comic book story created in coorporation with Vivifilm. Vivi-who? They’re an animated movie production company with two Oscar nominations on their impressive resume.

iFanzine.com 5/5
Five out of five chimps agree: this mega collaboration from Monkube and a number of art studios is the best darn iteration of “lunar lander” you’ll find on the iOS. Boasting perfectly fine-tuned physics, a wonderfully illustrated sci-fi story filled with as many twists as the game’s complex levels, and a pick-up-and-play interface, 6th Planet gives the iOS gamer just about everything he or she would ever look for in a videogame — and then some!

6th Planet for iPhone and iPod Touch

Qwertyhub.com 4.5/5
6th Planet it a fantastic game and is very easy to recommend. The gameplay is good enough to stand on its own, in fact, the game actually got more enjoyable the deeper into it I went (stages 48, 49, and 50 were my 3 favorites). Monkube didn’t stop there: every aspect is well developed to deliver much more than just a “good game”, it’s an excellent total experience.

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50 thoughts on “6th Planet, New iPhone Arcade Game, Copies to Win”

  1. Timed to coincide with iPads being reduced?

    Game looks stunning, up there with Osmos from the Youtube vids as far as I can tell :))

  2. It’s just a shame that this app doesn’t run on 3G iPhones…
    So, forget me !

    Even so the soundtrack will certainly (obviously) be great !

    Regards from France.

  3. Space, Monkeys, music from Mat Jarvis all on the iPhone. That’s all my favouite things in one place!

  4. This is by far the best comment and most deserving of the win. Also this game looks bad ass killer tits. An instant must have.

  5. Simian Saviour
    On Stellar Adventure
    Faces A Myriad
    Of Challenges As He
    Navigates His Spaceship
    Through Alien Worlds
    And Cosmic Obstacles
    His Rocket Propelled To The Heavens
    Surrounded by Deep Space
    And The Organic Sound of Gas…

  6. The Arp Odyssey. A thing of beauty. What a great old-school way to create a soundtrack! Glad to see you associating with another great looking game. Hope it sells tons.

  7. This game seems to involve everthing I love: games, comics, music and SciFi.
    I hope you announce the winner pretty soon, can’t wait!

  8. Looking forward to win and play this game ;-) ……still enjoy Osmos.

    Regards and good luck to all.

  9. Thanks for all the great support fellow anthropoids and humanoids!

    I’ve just had to sort through 450+ spams, so apologies if I’ve missed a few comments.
    If any bounty hunters would like to de-rez a few spammers, then I pay 100 Crystalline Vertex credits a day plus expenses.

  10. I’m picky about the games I play but I’m a big fan of Osmos and play it frequently. I’m a big fan of Mat’s music, too, and stream it through the house when I’m writing. I’m really looking forward to 6th Planet and think Vivifilm was a great addition to the creative team!

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