6th Planet, App Winners

6th Planet in the App Store

6th Planet app free draw, here are the winners who each get a copy…

Martin Wood
DrWigvisit his site for some excellent and free ambisonic VST plugins for Mac and PC.
Neil Allen

Many thanks to all fellow anthropoids and humanoids who added a comment, may the random numbers be in your favour next time.

Available now on the App Store for just 59p / 99c

Sixty levels, ten worlds full of challenging obstacles, hidden levels if you’re good at the gameplay part, and master levels for the guy who’s done with the story mode and still can’t stop playing.

6th Planet features a full ten track ambient soundtrack by renowned artists and a comic book story created in coorporation with Vivifilm. Vivi-who? They’re an animated movie production company with two Oscar nominations on their impressive resume.


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