Woob – Repurpose (new album, free copies to give away)

My former Emit label-mate Paul Frankland has a new Woob album for you, and it’s a classic.

We have three copies (MP3 + Flac) to give away; just add a comment below to win. (No email addresses will be kept)

Six tracks of ambient clouds, lush strings and Commodore 64. Film length scores ranging from four to nineteen minutes.

  • Repurpose
  • Nylon (free)
  • Giant Stroke (extended)
  • Stranger Air
  • Departure
  • 85-bit

Buy it now, because it’s a great album and to help guarantee there will be more Woob albums in the future.

The limited 1st edition CD has sold out, but there is a 2nd edition CD due soon. It’s also available as MP3 and Flac.

MJ: How would you sum up Repurpose?

PAUL FRANKLAND: It’s been described as ‘Cinema for the Ears’ I think that sums it up pretty well.

MJ: When will the 2nd edition CD be available to order?

PF: Official release is sometime in early July, though to secure a copy early read this post.

Woob – ‘Repurpose’

Buy it now, help support indie artists and get a great album.

The random draw will be made by Paul Frankland next Fri 2nd July 2010.

Add a comment below to win now…

113 thoughts on “Woob – Repurpose (new album, free copies to give away)”

  1. I’m absolutely giddy to find out that Paul is moving forward with the WOOB projects!!!!
    Best news I’ve heard since…………..????
    ((((((WOOB ON!))))))

  2. speechless, i have been unable to come to grips that this is now a reality, new woob after all these years of waiting….thank you so much Paul!!!!!


  3. Have owned all of his stuff – the two em:t albums and even a vinyl copy of a piece I forgot the name of. Need that new one. :)

  4. Congrats for the album! The sample here sounds very good. Looking forward to hear the whole album. Been curious how it sounds knowing the album “1194”.

    All the Best

  5. Anywhere out there with the Woob CDR and EP for sale? Big fan sleeping and did not know. I worked with Russell Mills and Ian Walton and talked about Woob along with Undark as favorites of old ambient label.

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