Osmos iPhone / iPod Touch! (video)

We’ve been sent a sneaky first peek at Osmos running (very smoothly) on the iPhone / iPod Touch.

Osmos for iPhone in the App StoreUPDATE: Osmos iPhone and Osmos iPad (No1 in App Store!) have been released. Both are Apple’s App of the Week! Visit Osmos in the App Store…

It’s only a short clip but it shows a couple of new screen graphics, the new level selector and difficulty slider, plus a new terminated sound (created on the Jupiter 6)

The frame rate looks especially smooth even with hundreds of motes on the screen.

More info about Osmos at Hemisphere Games.

Exciting! Good job Eddy and Hemisphere!

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  2. I gotta have it

    you are great :D

    A phrase by myself:
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