Ice Skies

Earlier this week temperatures approached DX7 territory; so I took a few frostbite pics of the snow and ice outside of Microscopics HQ. Warning for those still living in 2001, some images may take a few seconds to load.

One large WordPress problem is that any image it scales down become very blurred, as below (grr), so please click on images to enlarge and sharpen focus. Also, the first image is 1920 pixels wide so you may have to click the image twice to zoom to 100%…

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Ice and snow on branches
Ice and snow on branches

Hoar frost on a grill
Radiation frost on a grill

 Apple in the snow
Apple in the snow

more pics after the break…

Snow Lane Mist
Snow lane mist

Snow and Ice Branch
Snow and ice branch

Hoar Frost on Leaf
Hoar frost leaf

Hoar frosted watering can
Hoar frosted watering can

Hoar frost on a grate
Hoar frost on a grate


See our snowflakes pics from last week, click to see more…

Microscopics snowflakes…

3 thoughts on “Ice Skies”

  1. Very beautiful pictures indeed !
    We’ve got a quite icy/snowy winter too over here in the nord-east of France ;)
    The radiation frost are particulary nice, well done !

    Kind regards,

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