Gas – Microscopic 600 (paulstretch)

Gas 0095Here is our track Gas – Microscopic stretched by 600% into 38 minutes of ambience. After the fun last week on Gawker, stretching pop tracks into ambient monsters, we thought we’d join in.

The original before editing is just over one hour long. The world’s longest single is 43 minutes, so perhaps we should have uploaded the original.
On the maximum hyperStretch setting the track comes to a rather lengthy 18822 years for a full performance, with a bpm approaching negative numbers.

Close the curtains and turn off the lights.
Gas – Microscopic 600 (edit) by microscopics
Free download for a limited time (89mb)

And compared to the 9 minute original.Gas – Microscopic by microscopics
Free download (9mb)

UPDATE: read our interview with PaulStretch creator Paul Nasca

12 thoughts on “Gas – Microscopic 600 (paulstretch)

  1. Awesome, stuff — thanks for that.

    Any superstretching addicts; you should try Global Communication – Epsilon Phase. Wonderful!

  2. I first bought this online years ago now and I am so happy to have this version to play in the car in the early morning driving down the mountains to Sydney on a Sunday to work, watching the sun rise. Thanks Mat.

  3. I like this more than the original! And yeah it does fit in the 76:14 mold which is the best album ever!
    Thanks this is awesome!

  4. works very well as a longer version, and yes prehaps the hour long original should be released, seems like you and paul frankland like teasing the fans with news of longer versions of tracks, first paul with the woob origins – prelude track and now mat with the microscopic 600 original mix
    great stuff

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