Gas 0095 Quotes: Alex Paterson (The Orb)

Today’s Gas 0095 quote comes from ambient pioneer Alex Paterson who has been recording and performing as The Orb for over 20 years. In 1997 rumour has it that The Orb remixed Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene 8′; Jarre refused to release it as it had almost nothing from the original. So The Orb called it Toxygene and released it as a single, which became another top ten hit.

Alex Paterson on Gas 0095…

“Gas 0095 – Escape from New York meets 2001:A Space Odyssey in Another Green World. Pure class.”
The Orb.

The Orb – Blue Room (12″ single mix) – the full mix is 40 minutes short.

Many thanks Alex!

4 thoughts on “Gas 0095 Quotes: Alex Paterson (The Orb)

  1. ‘Blue Room’ is a great track, Patterson is a classic!
    Makes me think of the early 1990s and the great ambient that was produced. Orb, Orbital, FSOL, Banco De Gaia, … great memories. MTV used to broadcast a show called ‘Chillout Zone’ at 3am in the morning, full of great vids like these.

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