Gas 0095: 15 Year Anniversary – Collection Giveaway

The Gas 0095 album was first released fifteen years ago this month, and was the second artist album on Emit Records. To celebrate, we’re giving away the Gas 0095 Collection, plus we’ll have other posts, interviews, and freebies over the next couple of weeks.

Gas 0095 – giga zoom

A mix of tracks from the Gas 0095 album.
Select 480P for higher quality or Watch in HD

Simply add a comment to this post to be in with a chance to win.  The first name out of the quantum random number generator will win the Gas 0095 Collection…


Gas 0095 Collection = CD, t-shirt (Gas or High Skies), flac 24bit, MP3 320k including digital booklet, plus Microscopics Minimoog, Moog Modular and mini Gas 0095 models.
Two runners-up will win the Gas 0095 collection minus the t-shirt.

Draw will take place on Monday 8th March.
If you already own the collection or don’t want to win, you can still add a comment; then if you win we’ll make a note that you won but added your prize back into the pot.

Simple, just add a comment below. (we don’t keep any email addresses entered with comments)

UPDATE: The competition is now closed. The winners are announced here. A big thank you to everyone who commented!

240 thoughts on “Gas 0095: 15 Year Anniversary – Collection Giveaway”

  1. It’s really amazing that it has been 15 years since the release of 0095. It’s still one of my favorite albums with Experiments On Live Electricity and Microscopic being the really standout tracks for me. Back in the days of Em:t, this was one of the hardest albums for me to track down so I think I didn’t actually get a hold of it until a few years after the disintegration of the label, but very much worth the hunt.

    Cheers Mat!

  2. Well, what can I say? As you commented in “Gas Discovery”, and “Shape of Things to Come” videos, I’ve always listened to the ambient music.. I also have a bit music I made last week in which I have been inspired by you, you might want to hear.
    Wish you a good future.

  3. Awesome! Still have my Gas cd from ’95 and it is much treasured! Looking forward to the 24 bit mixes :)

  4. Whoo hoo! I’m cravenly writing a comment in the hope of winning some Gas stuff!!! Gas 0095 is one of the finest ambient albums of ever. Keep up the great work xxx

  5. Hey, i remember listening to this album when i was 15 with my dad. He was a photographer living in Tassie, and he had a work experience student who was into electro and ambient music. It was one of my favourite albums of dads so i recorded it on a tape cassette and used to listen to it on my walkman when going to school! Not only do i love the sounds, but it also has a lot of good memories attached to it. Very special. ;)

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