Woob 1194 Re-released: Copies to Give Away, Paul Frankland Interview -part II

woob_1194Fellow ex-emit artist Paul Frankland has re-released his Woob 1194 album, and we have three free copies to give away. We also have free copies of a brand new version of Giant Stroke, a track from Emit 1197, to give away!

Simply add a comment to this post and we will draw three names out of a super-chilled hat in a week (Sunday 27th December 09). Plus, everyone who adds a comment will recieve a free copy of the special Woob track. Please add your email with your comment, it won’t be displayed and we delete them all after the draw has finished.

In the second part of my interview with Paul we talk more about the recording process…

MAT JARVIS: How did you approach the recording of the album?

PAUL FRANKLAND: The performing/mixing of tracks was similar for all. For example with – ‘On Earth’ I  would start with all the faders down on the mixing desk, a couple of synths set up for live improvised performance, various tape/DAT decks for triggering long samples (Atari CPU was midi only) and the sequencer would have up to 24 midi tracks (5 minute loops) I could cut in and out on the fly (similar to Ableton Live). The engineer would then hit record on the DAT and I would take it from there. All EQ and FX were obviously set up beforehand, although they would get tweaked during the mix. 


On earth – excerpt 2 by woob

MAT: You mentioned the improvised part in ‘On Earth’ in part I of our interview, what do you remember about the other tracks on the album?

Odonna– Spending five hours making the perfect vocal loop on an Akai s1000 (so that it didn’t click!)
Wuub – Nearly cutting it from the Album completely because it just seemed too nice.
Strange Air – Doing nine passes in a row, each one completely different.
Emperor –  I think half the track is a master fade.

MJ: And how about the second album, and the new album?

PF: That whole working method saw me through the first Woob album, the second was a lot more structured with mostly predefined arrangements.
The new material  shares a similar approach to the first album, with the added benefits a modern studio environment brings. The new track (released 1st Jan) is built from a really simple live musical performance and then additional layers of musical sound design and fx have been added. The updated website has a cinematic style teaser trailer…

Woob – UQ Trailer from Antenna > on Vimeo.

Read part I of this interview
Woob 1194 on iTunes
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Woob official web site

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91 thoughts on “Woob 1194 Re-released: Copies to Give Away, Paul Frankland Interview -part II”

  1. Just discovered this yesterday from a tweet. Downloaded off iTunes 30 seconds later. WOW this is good. Can’t believe I haven’t heard about it before now.

  2. I stumbled on this today as over the years I have periodically googled our man WOOB. Since the early days of the em:t series I have been listening…….
    When I 1st heard 1194 I was hooked and in my opinion it is one of (if not the best) ambient album ever made. I treasure my digipak in my archive……..but glad to see that it is released on itunes for all to enjoy.
    If you don’t have it get it quick…..

    If it doesn’t make your skin tingle you should seek medical attention before it is too late ;)….

    Can’t wait for new material let the count down begin!

  3. This is the sort of stuff I’d want to play on a proper full-spectrum analogue sound system, even on a Macbook you can feel how rich and multi-layered these tracks are. A very welcome discovery!

  4. Looking forwards for new Woob material and I would be very happy to know where I can get hold of the 1194 re release.
    I originally have it on mini disc ( when I was collecting music this way ) and if I am right it must be near to 10 years now.
    Can’t wait to buy one of the copies and listen to new staff.
    I love the “open air” sound of Woob and thumbs up to Matt Jarvis for a lot of work on ambient music, the gas album and for putting on line a Woob interview.

  5. Wow, new Woob material – I feel like I’ve been waiting a decade and a half for this news! Gotta say I love that half of emperor is a fade out – I’ve always thought that, never being quite sure when the track is over. Thanks for the interview Matt, great to know that Paul is still around.

  6. The 1194 album has been such a huge influence to me. I have been anxiously awaiting to hear the new material for ages. I can’t wait!

    Whatever happened to the third Journeyman album?

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  8. Sounds like I might be the only person here who hasn’t actually heard 1194… :(

    I have heard of Woob though! Woob’s Sunrise Dub of Journeyman’s ‘Latneiro’ is one of my favourite tracks of all time!

    I also have 4495 which I am just reacquainting myself with. Loving the layered tablas of ‘Creek’..

  9. 1194 & 4495 both top notch albums that have carried me through years of late nights at the computer screen. truly classic albums that more than stand the test of time – they may even get more potent with age….

  10. 1194 is my favorite ambient album of all time. I’m one of the lucky ones that own it on CD. I’m thrilled that Paul has picked up Woob again. I’m sure the new material will not disappoint. The new mix of Giant Stroke is lush. love it! Great Interview!

  11. Very excited that there will be new material! Is this re release a remaster? I already own the old CD but I’ll buy it again if it’s remastered. Without a doubt one of the best releases from the em:t catalogue.

  12. Great to see your new activity, and the breathing of new life into the classics! Your SoundCloud page has a great selection as well. Hope to hear more soon!

  13. Probably still my most wanted em:t release among those that are still missing in my collection, and that I ultimately gave up hunting for on ebay a few years back… So thumbs up for the re-release, and +1 for a physical CD!!

    cheers & Merry Christmas,

  14. Thanks for all your great comments.
    The competition is now closed and we will be announcing the winner later and sending everyone their free Woob track via email, so let me know if you haven’t received an email in the next few days.

  15. If I’m not too late – could I still have a copy of the new track emailed to me? Thanks very much! And welcome back!

  16. Thanks everyone for the comments. I didnt expect such a great response! Its a real incentive to carry on with more woob excursions.

    @Del – fantastic
    @Jason – I never new who that was ! (r.e yo-yo)
    @Mike Mullen – LOL

    Thanks again everyone and special thanks to Mat Jarvis for helping spread the word and posting the interview
    Have a great new Year.


  17. @Ronald and everyone interested in cd release –

    Lossless audio download only – for now
    But there may be some limited runs of 1194 and the new album later this year.

    all the best


  18. Woooooooohooooo.
    New Woob!
    Cant believe it, have been waiting sooo long for this.

    Shame i just missed out on the comp though.

  19. to be honest i only came across woob today.. and i think it’s quality ambient because well.. i simply can’t describe what i hear and it carries me round and round through feelings and galaxies.

    today was a good day! ^^

  20. Funny, I spontaneously revisited my Em:t collection this past week, after many years, and bought the game Osmos, and remembered how much I love the early-mid ’90s electronic sound… Since its been about 20 years, I guess its time for that era to receive some focus!

  21. I’ve only come across Woob the other day. Really interesting thought provoking ambient. As I dig deeper into his stuff I can already tell its going to influence my sound.

  22. So glad you’re still about making this stuff. I am coming back to the music from my early 20’s and this is a very welcome site on the internets. Awesome music you’re turning out. :)

  23. This is hands down, the best authentic ambient album there is. I bought it in ’95 and listen to it this day.
    There are two albums that I truly prize: 1194 and Substrata by Biosphere.
    The fact that this is being re-released is good news indeed.

  24. Maybe good that has gotten a re-release but still only as a download and no physical copy. And I am not paying for just a bunch of numbers and zeros… sorry, call me old fashioned but I prefer physical product.

  25. Oh no, was thrilled to see activity in this forum and reading about a re-release, but soon became disappointed realising it concerned the download only :-(
    However I have had some email contact a couple of months ago that maybe a pshysical release is on it’s way!!!

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