Gas 0095 Quotes: Bob Katz

bob_katzFor the Future Music Magazine feature on Gas 0095,  Bob Katz, world famous mastering engineer was kind enough to give us a quote about the album…

Mat Jarvis’ restoration of Gas 0095; it sounds to me like it was originally mixed to analog tape, congratulations on doing a good, conservative job with the noise reduction.
I must say that I’m quite impressed by the sound and the music. It is a very interesting electronic album with extraordinarily impressive and natural dynamics (don’t turn up your volume at the beginning or you’ll be fooled!). Good stereo imaging and variety and wonderful musicality. This is enjoyable and interesting experimental music that I highly recommend. Nice job!

 Bob Katz is a highly respected mastering engineer who invented the K-system, was award a US patent for his circuit design, “Process for Enhancing the Existing Ambience, Imaging, Depth, Clarity and Spaciousness of Sound Recordings.” (K-Stereo and K-Surround), and runs his own mastering company Digital Domain. Many thanks Bob.

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