Gas – Microscopic Film, 100k views

The ‘Gas – Microscopic’ film has just broken through the six figure barrier on YouTube, with 100,000 full views.

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The short film is based on the IBM classic mixed with Microscopic, from the (Bob Katz approved) remaster of the Gas 0095 album.

Gas – Microscopic downloads…
High Quality DivX version (190mb)
Quicktime/ iPod version (60mb)
Microscopic – remastered full mp3 (14mb)

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New Gas vidThere will be a new Gas short film coming very soon, it’s at the opposite scale to the Microscopic film. We’ll post it here shortly.

Gas Vapourware

5 thoughts on “Gas – Microscopic Film, 100k views”

  1. What a brilliant video showing us how tiny our problems should be in an immense and gigantic universe. If we live in peace and harmony with each other, imagine the knowledge we would have to explore the vast dimension of space. We would be a powerful race under the guidance of an Omnipotent Creator. Thank You God for this wonderful experience of this Physical Dimension…

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