Gas 0095 CD + Minimoog, last few days…

UPDATE: Free Minimoog offer now extended to all copies of Gas 0095 on CD and Flac24.

This is your last chance to grab yourself the free Minimoog that comes with the Gas 0095 CD. This special and limited offer runs out tonight, Sunday 29th June at 11.59pm, your local time (minimoog offer now extended). Full release date of Gas 0095 CD, 14th July. Order now…

Gas 0095 CD + Minimoog

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4 thoughts on “Gas 0095 CD + Minimoog, last few days…”

  1. I tried to order the CD but kept getting the download option instead. I really would like to have the model minimoog and the CD but I have dialup and the download option would take forever.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks, I’ve removed the confusing text.
    The free mp3 version of the album comes as a link in an email (it’s not attached to it), so if you’re on dial-up you can safely ignore it (it’s 170mb), but you’ll still get the CD and Minimoog in the post.

    (Today is the last day for the free Minimoog btw)

    Cheers Steve


  3. Hello there !

    I’ve just received my CD and the Mini Moog is so gorgeous, thanks ! It’s a crazy work youv’e done, the ultimate detail remains in the owner manual at the scale : amazing !

    I’ll assemble the whole thing tonight.

    Thank you for such event and production, it encourage us to support quality and spirit in these particular days.

    I’m now waiting for High Skies


    [just hope my english is not too poor… ;) ]

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